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Leatherman SuperTool 300 M | List of best garden tools

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Leatherman SuperTool 300 M | Best hand tools for you.

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Leatherman SuperTool 300 M
Leatherman SuperTool 300 M

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New for 2020! This variant of the SuperTool 300 M has fast become my most recommended tool for individuals in the military that do not need an EOD version tool. It combines the usability of the standard Leatherman heavy duty tools with some key implements necessary in military applications. Most importantly, in my opinion, is the upgraded bit extension included with the new model. In this video we’ll take a closer look at why I believe this to be the best military option out there.

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  1. I got my brand new 300 M today, absolutely love it. I noticed that one handle of my 300 M is a little loose. If I hold another handle, the loose one will open a little. Then I can even swing it to open, which is pretty cool. However, I don't know if this is normal. Do your 300M behave the same? Thanks

  2. Is the supertool 300M cerakoted in coyote tan? Heard rumors it is. Like they do with guns for more protection and more durability. Thanks for great review

  3. One of my favorite tools. Just wish the sheath held onto the extender a bit better. Unless I need it, I typically leave the extender at home in a drawer. I also do like the new extender, as it improves on design issues from the old one. I do wish we could get some MOLLE sheaths that had button closures, but I know why Velcro was chosen; even when dirty, or dusty, you’ll still be likely to close and secure your tool. As for the toolset, it is what a lot of people have been wanting in the SuperTool 300 chassis for awhile. I don’t see why a lot of screwdrivers are needed on the tool, when you have the bit exchanger.

  4. I got a wave plus and I have never looked back! keep up the great work and cheers from Australia:)

  5. I wonder if the prybar from the supertool would fit in the surge, are the locking mechanisms the same?

  6. They had the chance to make a perfect service tool, if they made the sraper in bronze and switched it with the small flat head, maybe make it shorter to fit. Then after ditching the small flat head, I would have brought back the saw for a soldier in the wilderness. Lastly the file would made the straight side of it in diamond for a soldier who needs to sharpen his battle knife.

  7. I hope they put the holder for the extender inside of the case on more Leathermans. It would be much more secure then how the Charge has to store it on the side and to keep it falling out you need to put a clip like from a space pen on it to hold it in place.

  8. I think the saw it taken out because some of the military use a dedicated saw when they get deployed. The Swisstool mxbs removed the saw as well maybe for the same reason?

  9. i have one question about your name: what does tx mean? is it like a brand name like titanium xtreme, or something like that

  10. I would delete the straight blade and add the saw….everyone carry’s a straight blade imo.

  11. A question that's a little off subject: What do you know about the Union from Toler Tools? Maybe worth a review?

  12. Page 20:00
    I’ve lost one of those not because I left it behind but because I have carelessly inserted a powerful 1/4” magnet inside the socket and it stay in there no matter what I do to remove it. It become too shallow to maintain full performance and operations. In the other hand it collect iron dust over time also jam up the socket.

  13. Wish it had an upgraded blade, it would be my next one. Still might get it just for that bit extension!!

  14. Thanks for this review. Been using a modified Super Tool 300 EOD for years and it's pretty beat up after years of use and abuse. Maybe I'll get a 300 M and do a mashup of 300 EOD and 300 M components on basis of the 300 M to finally replace my modified 300 EOD as my EDC multi-tool. I'd get rid off the lanyard-ring and the file to replace it with the t-shank adapter from the 300 EOD. So I'd have the option to carry woodsaw, metal-saw and file as t-shank blades with me.
    I always hated the unnecessary tools on the Leathermans. Who needs all that flathead screwdrivers if you have Bit-adapters? By the way flathead has become uncommon, in reality I mostly have to deal with Philipps, Hex and Torx. Regarding Bit-adapters I may be a bit old fashioned, as the tool might be used for work on electronics. Therefore I do not want Bit-holders with magnets. Maybe I'd replace the adapter for the Leatherman-Bits with the old Philipps-screwdriver from the Super Tool 300 (EOD) to use the old Bit-Adapter. [Annotation: I sometimes work on machines like reel to reel tape machines, casette-decks and old computers, that's why I do not want anything magnetic getting in touch with those machines]. This is a personal issue.
    I like the idea of having a pry bar and a carbon scraper. The carbon scraper is a replacement for the awl with a hole, respectively looks if it can be used for that particular task. Cool.
    Marginal note: No one-hand-operated blades means 'carry-legal' in my country. :-)

  15. you can use the BLACK EOD REPLACEMENT WIRE CUTTER BLADES on this multitool according to leatherman website?

  16. I use the ST300, I purchased the bit adapter and it accepts standard 1/4 hex, that's the main reason I got it. It snaps on the built in Phillips. What did he mean by this is the first time Leatherman offered that?

  17. The New Gen Surge is the best Multitool of all times. I bought a second incase i lose my main.

  18. I think that adapter Is the only good thing about this.
    The problem comes in the fact that this is geared towards firearms maintenance yet included standard leatherman bits.

    Standard drivers and guns do not mix,think they should have included Chapman firearms bits.

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