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Let’s check out the GP car audio battery terminals | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Let’s check out the GP car audio battery terminals? Are you looking to see best car audio battery? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Let’s check out the GP car audio battery terminals | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Let’s check out the GP car audio battery terminals
Let’s check out the GP car audio battery terminals

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  1. Ive got similar ones for a better deal than 55$ but there set screw one instead of like these shown

  2. After you connect the wires from the engine to it you really only have like four maybe a few more a larger one would be bigger

  3. I got these with my Northstar battery from gpcaraudio and couldn't be happier. Solid connections and room for all my wire.

  4. I’ve had the same pair for about 3 mos totally awesome. Had skyhigh 6 pot prior for 3-4 years and the GP are superior.

  5. What size are the bolts? Definitely like this type review from you and appreciate it. I actually bought a set bc of it lol

  6. Was hoping this was for the Sonata. I’ve been trying to figure out what terminals to use in my 2012 Limited with the nasty fusible link in the way.

  7. I like with that one, the shim screw can be changed for a shorter bolt, and then have a 7th smaller lug if needed. But I'll probably never need that many lol.

  8. Rob hopefully Tyler gave them to you to review not out of your pocket since you're giving him a free plug

  9. I don't see them reviewed either. Good looking out. Suggestion, maybe you can make these kind of videos for every little part you can. You can recommend the best price and best brand. It would immensely help me out and the rest of the Bassheads in the community.

  10. Great video as always!! but I have a question if cca wire is so bad how is aluminum battery terminal good I understand corrosion would be a factor but wouldn't copper terminal with dielectric grease be alot better but other than that they look top quality again thank you for all your videos

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