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LIFE LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT | #29: "The Modern Minuteman" | Review best products

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LIFE LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT | #29: "The Modern Minuteman" | top best products brands for household.

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LIFE LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT | #29: "The Modern Minuteman"
LIFE LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT | #29: "The Modern Minuteman"

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  1. Um i walked in the room and heard somebody say something about being ready to bash a lion in the head?

  2. the modern minutemen are a bunch of country bois with alot of toys and also had been overseas to fight dem ISIS convoys.

  3. It doesn't matter how much training or equipment you have. A minute man is ONLY those who when they're Community is being threatened or destroyed is going to deploy and STOP it.

  4. I tell ya. I like Eric. Even though I bet he is the guy that takes that last piece of pizza or the last beer in the cooler without blinking. I bet he also makes those comments like, you are either fast or last! Or, oh oh too slow! Seriously though I really do love the channel and I usually agree with everything Eric says. Usually!

  5. what section of the bill are you reading @13:25 i cant find it. if that is true and thats how it reads then kyle rittenhouse should be free because he is an able bodied man at last the age of 17….right…?

  6. Great video. Really love how you both explored the issue of 'The Modern Minuteman' and what it means. Could not agree more with both of you.

  7. 40+ years born/raised in Portland OR… I carry from wake up to bed time and my trucks got a rifle/medical/ammo and armor in it 24/7.

  8. Still got me LBE and large Alice pack. Have newer gear butt I humped the old gear for years.

  9. The modern minuteman=Bois in flowery shirts

    And, BTW, the National Guard IS NOT THE MILITIA.

  10. The most entertaining part of this year has been watching the “libertarians” and “ancaps” salivate over federal boots and state militarization. Just put the 14 in your name pussy

  11. Charlie Mike guys, great video! This is the most practical explanation of who can be part of a rapid response team. We don't need to wait for an apocaplyse to learn first aid, prepare supplies, learn new skills to be contributors. Stretching the typical idea of what a "Minuteman" is; it's not just lock and load and prepare for violence. It's being prepared to be a real help to your neighbors, who are anybody near you when SHTF.

  12. Not sure if I've missed it said… But can we acknowledge that the man shot to death in Portland this weekend was shot with a musket?

  13. The reason Kyle Rittinghouse fell down is because he stepped in a pothole while running, you can see it on the video.

  14. George Washington was a white nationalist. so were all of the founding fathers. america was meant to be a country built by people from Europe for people from Europe.

  15. I would never do anything to take away from our founding fathers or anybody else that has sacrificed for our great country. This isn't the frontier and how we have to do things today is different. I fully appreciate anyone willing to be a first responder for their community and greatly appreciate the spirit of preparedness. That being said and for those who haven't already joined, check out American contingency and sign up. It's a group of people who strive to be prepared, gather/share Intel, and most importantly… are not crazy extremists.

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