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Lifesystems Survival Shelter | Best garden tools for you.

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Lifesystems Survival Shelter
Lifesystems Survival Shelter

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Our Lifesystems Survival Shelter is a durable, but incredibly lightweight survival shelter that can contain up to 3 people – or 2 people and rucksacks. It is an increasingly essential item of safety equipment for any outdoor activity, and mountain rescue teams, outdoor centres, hiking clubs and youth groups, are using them more and more commonly.

Whilst these survival shelters were originally designed for emergencies, as they create a surprisingly warm and sheltered microclimate, they can also be used for meal breaks, route planning, map reading or any other situation that requires a warm, sheltered environment.

The survival shelter is bright orange and has reflective piping, useful for any mountain rescue teams that may need to locate you. The shelter also contains two black pads on the base to sit on and keep you dry. Toggles around the base allow you to tighten the shelter, allowing the ambient temperature inside to rise and keep you warm, no matter the outside climate.

Our survival shelter can be found here:
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  1. Needs straps running from side to side .Then when rucksacks inside etc will help create a better "footprint and stop gusts from taking the shelter away from you

  2. Like Tents, The rule of thumb should be. A 2 man tent is really a 1 man tent A 3 man tent is really a 2 man tent etc. You need a 3 or 4 man shelter for 2 people plus rucksacks.

  3. Tried out our 2 person one on top of a frosty mountain this morning. 2 people is virtually with your legs around your head and without a rucksack. The roof is so low you need to hunch over. Unless you are a black belt in yoga or extremely friendly with the other person I would suggest getting a much larger capacity one!!!

  4. This actually may work and it can fit in a large pocket. Not bad as an emergency backup but also have pop up tent too.

  5. does it have holes the vent air in and out? Or if you seal the bottom to well, you might suffocate.

  6. Perhaps you should consider doing a video of how DofE peeps their things (e.g. tents) back into their bags. Tricky. Where can I find one of these?

  7. Nothing against informational videos .. but this is just a sales video to market a product .. and not ok on YT.

  8. Just love lifeventure/lifesystems products …

    I just got the 50fps sunscreen protector and i'm loving it … Smells realy good with a dry feel o skin…

    Thank you

    Tears from Brazil ;))

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