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Lighting Circuits Switch wiring Wiring at the switch | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Lighting Circuits Switch wiring Wiring at the switch? Are you looking to see switch loop wiring? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Lighting Circuits Switch wiring Wiring at the switch | The Best Power Tools.

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Lighting Circuits Switch wiring Wiring at the switch
Lighting Circuits Switch wiring Wiring at the switch

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Hi .In this video explains the 3 systems of lighting circuits used in the UK . I concentrated on particular one where all cables are connected at the switch . It’s much more convenient if you prefer to install spotlights instead of ceiling rose with bulb. Hope it helps with your home projects. Thanks for watching. ..

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  1. After watching so many videos, this is so clearly explained! Thanks a lot for sharing πŸ‘

  2. Best explanation on this method I have found on YouTube! And I'm saying this after watching videos by teachers as well. On one video someone explained the cable to the light and the cable from consumer unit but didn't show or explain the cable for loop out going to next room. I asked in the comments and received no response. So I really really appreciate this video and your clear explanation. Thank you very much for your time and may you be blessed in life.

  3. Do you have to turn the power off when working with electricity.? Or can you wear special rubber shoes.?

  4. Note that the three vertical cables to each switch must be chased into the wall. Thus rewiring with this switch loop method requires more work as most traditional UK properties have conduit in the wall that permits only one or max two cables.

  5. If I want to use two way or even 3 way switches, how is that achieved using the last, switch connection method?

  6. Thank you very clear and useful explanation. I’m running cables for an electrician and wasn’t familiar with this method. Think I can put my ceiling up now!

  7. Wago connectors seem alot better than conventional blocks. In some way this 3rd method of light switch wiring is easier than loop in and junction box

  8. Hi, Thanks for your great tutorial.
    Could you please tell me how you would wire a 2 gang 2 way switch using this method?
    would you need to add a fourth cable ( 3 core) if so would they all fit into a 2 gang switch?

    Many thanks

  9. Just loop the line conductors through the top of the switch instead of extra connections in the wago

  10. And all this goes from only one circuit breaker? Cuz looks like it is…
    In that case its not the best connection since if the cb jumps the whole house will be without lights…

  11. Where do I get the neutral wire from if my wall switch was a smart switch which required both Live and Neutral wires?

  12. I am no electrician. But your explanation and video made something i thought was rocket science look simple and clear.

  13. Not many electrition explain them selfs properly but you do thanx. I'm running cable for spots, under cupboard lights and two ceiling rose lights all in the kitchen I like your way of connecting the power straight to the spots but because I'm doing cupboard lights and ceiling rose I got confused so I'm using junction boxes for spots and cupboard lights onto ring . Good video .

  14. Just seen this video. I want to install a brand new simple downlight in the attic. I already have downlights all upstairs. How do I go about this with wago connectors?

  15. Hi there Sir
    I have a question and am asking this questions to other viewers too who already watched the video. In the video shows the real wiring with a sticker shows that previous room, light & next room. My question is that does the previous room means the connection came from consumer unit???? Please answer this question. If anyone answer this question I will really appreciate it Thanks

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