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Lion vs Grizzly bear- Who Would Win? | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Lion vs Grizzly bear- Who Would Win?? Are you looking to see brown bear vs grizzly bear? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Lion vs Grizzly bear- Who Would Win? | Newly updated garden tools for you.

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Lion vs Grizzly bear- Who Would Win?
Lion vs Grizzly bear- Who Would Win?

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Who would win in a fight between an African lion and a Grizzly bear? Watch to the end to find out. Don’t forget to subscribe to Creature Challenge.

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  1. If its an African lion, grizzly bear would win then but a Barbary Lion would beat a grizzly bear

  2. i saw a grizzly crush a buffalos head with 1 swipe i dont think the lion would have a chance vs a male grizzly even if they was the same weight grizzlys are insanely strong

  3. Bears will win most of the time because they are larger, stronger and have thick fur all over their body that protects them. Lions on the other hand only have a mane making the rest of their body more vulnerable to being brutally injured.

  4. Why the hell is this even a challenge lion stands literally no chance Siberian tigers have been known to almost win every fight against a lion, and if a Siberian tiger ever fought a grizzly bear would win

  5. I have several sources where the speeds of Lions was actually measured. Boone Smith, for instance, measured the speeds of a wild male Lion (4 years old), and a Lioness (2 years old). The male Lion clocked 29 mph, and the Lioness 31 mph. In captivity, Bhagavan Antle clocked the speeds of many animals, including Lions and Tigers, by having them chase a lure. The male Lions he clocked at about 35 mph, while the Lionesses ran 40 – 45 mph. This next source shows more data on clocked speeds of Lions using GPS collars to track speed:

    The normal maximum speed was 13.9 meters a sec (ms) or 31 mph. The max speed was about 50 mph, but i think only a Lioness has reached such a speed, as they are faster than the males. The speed of a Grizzly Bear much depends upon the weight of the animals. A really large one wont be hitting 30 mph or more. Probably no more than 25 mph, and possibly less. A female Grizzly with cubs was able to maintain 25 mph for at least 2 miles. Speeds of up to 30-31 mph have been reliably clocked, as well, and even upwards of 41 mph, but not for the really large males.

  6. That bite force listed for the Lion was a rough bite force of a subadult measured by Brady Barr. The young Lion had 2 bite force measurements, from 504 – 691 lbs, under 3 years of age, based upon his mane. The bite force listed for the Grizzly, was an estimate from Animal Face Off, i believe, and not an actual bite measurement.

  7. lion is for girizlly like a chips :D grizzly win all way and all time DDDD this match is normal dog vs small cat:D

  8. A large healthy male grizzly against a large male lion wouldn’t be a match lol. That grizzly would get a snack

  9. Heres something to remember, If your up against a bear with an ak47 the gun is useless against it's thick skull but however a lion goes down in only one shot to the head, a bear will take literally all of your ammo and plus 15 minutes of blood loss before the bear died

  10. The romans actually made them fight, and everytime the bear shattered the cat’s skull in one hit

  11. Super italy – 100% bear fanboy and 90% tiger fanboy

    Prehistoric creature – 100% lion fanboy and 90% bear fanboy

    Both of them are equal stupid and dumb

  12. The largest grizzlies are from alaska's katmai national park.

    5 ft tall at the shoulder and 10 ft tall when it's stand with hind legs.

  13. Alpha vs Alpha ??
    Grizzly everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.
    People dont realize that the size difference is like a house cat vs a Rottweiler.

  14. This is how the fight would go down

    A grizzly bear wandering around the the savanna when a african lion spying on him while hiding in grass then the african lion lunges to toward the bites on his ribs the bear roars in pain they stand on there hind legs they both claw and bite the lion has sharper claws and has a mane the can't get through but bite the lions arm the lion has a idea he roared calling the other lions 10 other lion fight the bear is getting overwhelmed and dies the lion wins

    African lion 56%
    Grizzly bear 36%

  15. Why would you need to say if they were both equal weight ?? I can smell a lion lover ! Lion does not stand no chance against a grizzle bear.. bears are built like tanks.. lions will never win against a grizzle bear face the facts

  16. Grizzlies weigh 900 pounds on average, and can grow to over 1000. Lions on average are only 500 to 600.

    A lion has a mane. But a grizzly has large layers of fat that make them bullet proof. If a bullet can't kill a bear then a lion's bite isn't going to do much better.

    What Grizzlies also have are a paw swipe that has supposedly decapitated a moose on one occasion. Though this wasn't confirmed, I can believe it. A lion can only dream of doing this.

    Don't even get me started on bite force. A lion only merely has 650 PSI on average, compared to a grizzly with over 900 PSI, capable of crushing a bowling ball.

    And one more thing, grizzlies have much more threatening claws and weigh to their advantage. Grizzlies can and will wrestle a lion and wear it down.

    Grizzly wins this by a long shot, there's no contest.

  17. The lion has a protective Maine that Protect Its neck in The battle do you really realize that it's not gonna work that way Like only Maine fur that comes out instead of the flesh The wrong way to kill the lion Because of its A lot of made for called Maine that is longer That made it look More intimidating.😇 Because The grizzly bear would have to go for the weak spot and that's the lion stomach Where the Maine is not there That's the vulnerable spot In using Her claws😉 That's the only way I see the grizzly bear Winning this fight against the lion.🙋‍♀️

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