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Liquid Flashing in Rough Window Openings | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Liquid Flashing in Rough Window Openings

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A monolithic flashing layer of protection against water leaks for windows and other holes in walls.
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Step 1: Slope the sill
Step 2: Mask the opening with painter’s tape
Step 3: spread liquid flashing to the specified thickness
Step 4: Bask in glory

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  1. I don't know why this channel has so few views. It's one of the best home building/improvement channels on YouTube and the production quality is very high. I don't know why your videos haven't been picked up by the algorithm and getting 10s-100s of thousands of views. Just thought you would know some appreciate all the effort you put into your videos!

  2. Could you do this on the inside and the outside of the window frame for a window in a bathroom? I need to remodel a bath/shower and I'm considering putting in a window for light and to give me a place to put bottles, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to waterproof the inside…has anyone ever done this?

  3. Thanks for demonstrating; now I know I'll never use this — it's too tedious, time consuming, and too much can go wrong.

  4. Well a couple of comments….
    What’s with the church organ music?
    The liquid stuff seems good but basically seems like caulking in a tube… Which is OK, however it’s so darn thick and it’s taking him forever to apply to the surface…whereas maybe if it was more liquidy you could put it in the area a lot quicker. Which makes sense because a master carpenter is quite pricey when you look at the amount of time it took him to lay that out. Also since it’s in small tubes it’s pricey. If it was more in a block like a box of drywall mud it seems like you could save a lot of time/money. And if it was more liquid you could lay it out quicker and save even more money. However the price of the gooo would need to come down considerably. Also what kind of fumes does this stuff giving off? Is it poisonous? Obviously this guy is outside on the application but still… And then the blue painters tape I’ve always found to be quite pricey. So in summation… It’s basically Henry’s that he’s putting on there… To seal up a window. So working with those points that I raised… If those could be dealt with and minimized then; yes, it would be much better to have A window glued into place for sealing against wind,Rain and weather.

  5. He cut off the flashing tape on the sides of the window but then never layered the liquid over the razor blade score. That seems like a potential/likely spot for water ingress.

  6. If you can get a customer to pay you for the time and materials to do this great. Find them and do it. But most people will not pay for arts and crafts hours when tape works. Just saying, not complaining.

  7. Applying overpriced liquid membrane with expensive and useless proprietary caulking tube and then working it with 30 cent squeegee. Love it.

  8. I would think you would need a fibreglass mesh reinforcement for the seams, it seems like you don’t. And he could definitely benefit from an 18V or 12V caulking gun.

  9. So there's no sealant on top of the flange of the window (on top and sides)? I don't understand how this doesn't stop water from getting in the top behind the flange. If it truly seals against the window somehow, then you've got a problem at the bottom not letting water leak out (from the angled sill).

  10. Although effective, this seems like it took some time start to finish. If at the end of the day another solution is cheaper and has the same result (doesnt leak), why choose this over another solution?

    I do like how it looks and it is a superior product. But seems overkill no?

  11. I have to say I love you guys but they say you teach things it's kind of food very slow people, , and I believe builders, carpenters, workers, could use faster tips straight to the point

  12. Hello, I am just wondering what pencil or marker he is using at the beginning? Also I am a machinist and it is really nice to see how other trades do a professional job and take pride in their work! It seems to be sadly missing these days!

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