Loctite Metal – the new JB Weld? | List of best cleaning accessories

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Loctite Metal – the new JB Weld? | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories.

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Loctite Metal - the new JB Weld?
Loctite Metal – the new JB Weld?

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This is what I use for my RC epoxies. I discourage using JB weld since it doesn’t stick well and can cost you a loss in a race. I now use Loctite Metal.

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  1. UPDATE: like I said in the video, the Loctite Metal Epoxy works wonders. If some of you are confused, im using the Loctite Metal to bond the magnets back on to the rotor of a brushless motor. The surface of the magnets arent rough but the rotor is. At the end of the video I talked about the JB Weld failing on the front cap of the motor. I used Loctite Metal to bond it back together and its still holding on.

    The motor goes into my 1/8 rc buggy. It weighs 7lbs and can go around 40+ mph (if that matters). With the Loctite securing the magnets and the motor cap, it lasted around 3 runs. The Loctite finally gave out when i was roughly 10 minutes into a run at a bmx track. I hit a jump and the car went 8 or so feet into the air and when it landed, the motor stopped spinning. One of the magnets that was held onto the rotor fell off.

    Comparing to JB Weld, the Loctite metal lasted WAY longer. The motor can get up to 200 degrees and the Loctite Metal could take it, and the JB Weld couldnt. If your looking at doing something small, I would recommend JB Weld. If you are looking at doing something that will get hot/ temporarily fixes metal without welding, I would recommend Locitie Metal.

  2. JB Weld has always worked like a champ with proper prep and cure time. But, you can only repair the same broken parts so many times with scotch tape and popsicle sticks.


  4. So this tell you one thing……. get a job and buy new parts. Stop rigging up with glue and epoxy.

  5. The hammer on my Phoenix Arms hp22a pistol has got a deep dent in it, from where it strikes the firing pin. Do you guys think JB Weld or Loctite Steel would fill in that dent and last? Or maybe adhere a small piece of steel to the hammer face? Any suggestions?

  6. First off a heat gun goes way beyond 500 degrees, most go over 1000 at their first setting. Second all adhesives ,even those that dry in 5 minutes, aren’t cured for 24 hrs. Some glues even take longer. I’ve had some success and some failures of jb weld. It’s just epoxy with some metal filings in it. They make special glues for magnets but I’ve had luck with super glue.

  7. Sheesh, we get it. Your disappointed in jb weld. How do you explain the YouTuber who made a lawnmower piston out of jb? & Mowed a lawn with it.

  8. Your realize Loctite makes a special bonding adhesive for motor magnets (all magnets actually including speaker magnets) it is designed exactly for this application to withstand heat and impact resistance

  9. It seems odd that you are having 100% failure rate, yet others, including myself, have had little to no problems. Makes me wonder if your surface prep is lacking.

  10. I have a couple stainless steel bracelets that I wear all of the time. Right now I have wire ties holding the clasps together but I've been thinking that it might be a good idea to use JB Weld, Loctite, Devcon or QuikSteel to glue the clasps shut and get rid of the wire tiies.

  11. For magnet bonding or re-bonding do use this stuff. GET THE REAL MAGNET BONDING EPOXY.. USE -> 3M™ Magnet Bonding
    Adhesive AU-205 Made by 3M just for bonding Magnets… Use the right tools for the job folks. Come on guys get with it and try it works great.

  12. All these comments defending JB Weld are hilarious. This seems pretty unbiased. Did someone at their company catch wind of this video?

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