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Long Range Varmint Hunting | Long Range Pursuit Web Exclusive | Best garden tools

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Long Range Varmint Hunting | Long Range Pursuit Web Exclusive | Best hand tools for you.

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Long Range Varmint Hunting | Long Range Pursuit Web Exclusive
Long Range Varmint Hunting | Long Range Pursuit Web Exclusive

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Season 5 of Long Range Pursuit showcases Long Range Hunting from all across the globe, but it also features your normal everyday varmit hunts… with a twist. Watch as Aaron Davidson and the Gunwerks crew try out some new rifles on some Rock Chucks. Enjoy!
Make sure to subscribe to the Gunwerks Youtube channel for more great long shots, tough shots, shooting tips, DIY & Ballistics. ..

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  1. I am on the east coast and want in the spring to spend some time in Wyoming for Marmot hunting from LOONG distance. Seek others with custom wildcats and that are driven for the quality shots. Actually need nothing by willing targets and a spotter, Hope someone will take me through how I can accomplish that. randy 804 690 6868.

  2. Ya pretty pointless to blow an animal to pieces and just waste it just to shoot your rich kid toys. Im all about shooting for fun and hunting critters but respect every animal

  3. if i may be so bold as to correct you . there's nothing silly about that kind of an event . skill development on many levels  , team building ,  product experimenting / R and D  , and good old fashioned comraderie all key elements to a successful operation .

  4. The end of this is hilarious!! its a brass case……..with a bullet…..and their is some powder in there? LMAO,

  5. Amazing. After watching the wasteful destruction of these animals I feel like there are some two legged animals that I would like to start hunting. If you don't eat what you kill then you should leave them alone. Every creature plays a valuable role in the ecosystem of that region. You're casual killing of these animals just demonstrated what morons you all are. I have lost complete respect for you and your team. You have completely embarrassed yourselves with this video.

  6. L.R. Varminting- love it.
    That is what long range is about because it doesn't insult a much admired big game animal and shooting small critters at long range is the ultimate in testing the accuracy of the shooter and equipment.  Wounding is less likely too

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