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Make A Hole In PVC Without Drill Machine || Homemade Tool | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Make A Hole In PVC Without Drill Machine || Homemade Tool? Are you looking to see how to make a hole bigger without a drill? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Make A Hole In PVC Without Drill Machine || Homemade Tool | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Make A Hole In PVC Without Drill Machine || Homemade Tool
Make A Hole In PVC Without Drill Machine || Homemade Tool

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Hello Friends,
Today I Show You Awesome New Idea Of DIY Tool. I Have Used 1/2″, 3/4″ And 1″ Galvanized Pipe Of 6″ Length. This DIY Tool Is Very Useful For Plumber. In This Video I show You 3 Different size of the tool. You Can Also Make As Per Your Requirements. I Hope You Enjoy This Video.

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How to drill a hole in PVC pipe
Make a hole in PVC pipe

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how to make a hole bigger without a drill

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  1. No lighter, no matchstick, no tools. How to make fire when lost in middle of a jungle?

    Buy a propane tank, a gun, some bullets. Go back to the jungle. Just shoot the cylinder.

  2. the title should be How to make Drill bit without drill machine using a drill machine. *Facepalmed I want to see it done with just handsaw & sandpaper, no machine is allowed!

  3. Such a fuc* video I have seen nowa days….making home tools with highly heavy too…..middle finger salute to page owner

  4. most stupid video with out drill machine but used other tools that can make hole hahahaahahahaha

  5. There is no way in hell that this was not a troll…. right? There’s no way someone unironically made this video as a real DIY instructional… I can NOT imagine a scenario someone thought this was an actual good idea.

  6. Why go through all that….just heat the pipe of required size and push it through the PVC pipe

  7. Many negative comments. The modern trend of belittling anyone who offers ideas. The better option, would be to take in the information for future use. After all, it is given freely for your benefit.

    Try living a 1000 miles from a town to buy just the right tool. By the way, if anyone has done irrigation, sometimes one needs to drill holes in PVC pipe. The drill/sander could be replaced by hand tools, files etc., if need be. I have used this method with SHS tube to punch holes in thick malleable plastic to get a tight fit over SHS post footings, to prevent vegetation growth.

    I wonder what the detractors will do when they have no power, or cannot just go to the local hardware to buy tools. Obviously, most have never lived in isolated areas, where the saying, "necessity, is the mother of invention", still applies.

    I would guess the detractors are probably self-absorbed urban dwellers, who rely on their "just in time" food and hardware deliveries.

  8. "make a hole without a drill machine" uses other power tools to create special hand tool. Lol. But you have many nice videos!

  9. This video provided to me a very useful cost saving idea. I wanted to drill 4 X 2.5 inch holes in a pvc pipe. If I went to purchase the hole saw or a drill bit , it would have cost me $43 for a hole saw and $ 16 for a jig attachment to hold the hole saw… plus sales tax 13% – — for a total of about $ 70. The people who have made negative remarks should give credit to Mistry for showing a low cost innovative idea. More than the cost is the creativity. Plus someone living in a remote jungle or on top of a mountain would have to drive a long distance to buy 2.5 " hole saw, everyone does not stock the item. Thank you again.

  10. Hello. What type of saw is the one you used at first? I'm new to all this and really need to buy a good quality cutting machine. Thank you.

  11. I wish to see someone come up with a simple method of cutting cap sized holes in pop bottles.

  12. You have those cutting & sanding machines but no drill LOL

  13. It's true a lot of tools might serve this function but those that do not have the resources might find this idea a viable option. Must keep in mind many on the planet cannot afford or for that matter touch a nice manufactured tool. Many thankfully in these areas now have some availability to the internet. This gives access to a working tool more accessible, to those that might not otherwise be able to afford such a tool. Many places on our planet people might not know the name Dewalt or Milwaukee and maybe they do but cannot afford the "Luxury". We need to be mindful of a target audience besides N/A or Europe. My 2 cents worth.

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