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Making A Leather Apron | The Best Power Tools

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Making A Leather Apron | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Making A Leather Apron
Making A Leather Apron

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In this film I am making a leather apron for a lathe operator, and they have asked that it has quick release straps in the event that the apron gets caught in rotating parts of the lathe. I cover design considerations, cutting out, skiving and hemming techniques, riveting poppers and making straps.There is a lot of leather making in this film.
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  1. This was incredibly helpful, thank you!

    P.S. if you want a good laugh, watch this with auto captions on xD

  2. I just started leather working and I actually took well to it quickly. I really appreciate all your videos. May the Lord richly bless you and yours.

  3. Have gotten caught up watching your work and has convinced me that I could turn out good leather work. I have always taken pride in my work and put in extra personal touches to my work. You are a true craftsman.

  4. great vid as always….may I ask where I can get those Lanyard Snap Hooks? they are the perfect size I need for some projects

  5. Very informative and well-made video Harry – I really enjoy your instructional posts – thanks so much.

    Can you please share a link to your fountain-pen-maker client? I have a real FP fetish, and am always on the lookout for a new beauty to add to my collection…

  6. The intermittent back-stitching is a fantastic idea; one that I’d never have thought of on my own. Very impressive workmanship!

  7. New subscriber.
    If I may ask a question:
    * What is your opinion of the Consew 29-B…? Is it good, reliable or should I stay clear of that.?
    * Would I be better off with a Singer 29-K..?
    I'm looking for a manual and possibly the ability to put a motor on it.
    Thank you "sew" much. (Sorry that was terrible/cheecky joke)

  8. Really nice work, Harry! For those of us less ambitious, I made a welding apron from the back of an outdated ladies' long leather coat from the thrift shop. Just left the edges raw. I fashioned pockets with an accordion fold so I could fit my hand in easily and attached flaps over the tops of the pockets using copper rivets. The leather was thin so I could sew it on a regular machine using a leather needle. It was lightweight and covered my entire front side. Subsequently gave it away with the rest of the welding stuff when I moved.

  9. Hi Harry slightly off topic but i have been looking at abbey englands website. Do you ever purchase plain veg tanned leather for belt making? All i could find was sedgewick 3mm shoulder. I do a lot of tooling so pre dyed bridal leather isn't exactly what i need. I guess 3.5-4mm plain veg tanned buttback is what I'm looking for. Any advice? I bought some shoulder leather from a tannery near to me in Bristol that is all they had. It tooled very niceley but some of the leather is quite dried out and prone to crack when bent more than i have experienced before.

  10. Harry, what model of Juki sewing machine are you using and how thick can it sew ?
    Is your workshop like the Tardis, you seem to have hidden space beyond comprehension? 😃🤣

  11. I use a waxed cotton apron for woodworking, which makes the pockets quite stiff so every time you bend over everything falls out of the pockets. So I have to use a pen clip for my marking knife and pencil, and I always use the clip on my tape, this is still the case after many washes. You have definitely tempted me into investing in a good quality leather apron.

    It was fascinating watching you work as I’ve never seen anyone work with leather like this before. This was one of those videos that randomly come up in the recommendations area of my YouTube home page and I’m really glad it did.

  12. Hi Harry, nice job on the apron. Your skiving machine seem to be making a lot of noise — is that the motor? My skiver makes that sound when the feed wheel or blade is being touched by something it shouldn't. For instance, with a roller foot, I find that with leather going through the machine the roller can move to the right a little and contact the blade and blunt it.

  13. Nice job Harry! Thanks for bringing us along.

    Are things that bad there that you have to chain your equipment up?

  14. Thanks Harry. It is a real treat to watch your videos and I always learn something new, even if I am not a leather craftsman.
    I am enjoying wearing the belt I purchased from you a few weeks ago.
    Cheers, Michael O’Brien, USA

  15. Nice project Harry. Would be great if You show the making of the backstraps of your own apron. That looks so nice 👍👍

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