Manly Man Scrubby Soap Making ( recipe included!!! ) | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories

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Manly Man Scrubby Soap Making ( recipe included!!! ) | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Manly Man Scrubby Soap Making ( recipe included!!! )
Manly Man Scrubby Soap Making ( recipe included!!! )

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Manly man cold process exfoliating soap. Made with Bramblerry “shave and a haircut” fragrance oil, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and ground oatmeal.

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Ounces are weight, not fluid
Olive oil 7.5 oz
Coconut oil 8.75 oz
RSPO palm oil 7.5 oz
Castor oil 1.25 oz
Fragrance oil 1.25 oz (I used Shave and a Haircut from Brambleberry for this batch.)
Activated charcoal 1 tbsp
Ground oatmeal 1.5 tbsp
Bentonite clay 1 tbsp
Water 8 oz
Lye 3.64 oz

Fragrance oil:

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  1. I have updated the description to include a larger version of the recipe, and I have also included an alternative recipe for a less stripping formula. Thank you so much for the questions and comments! 😍

  2. WARNING this recipe will not fill up the mold shown here at these recipe measurements.

  3. I want to try "Shave and Haircut" as my first DIY but not as an exfoliating soap. Any good recipes for hydration and conditioning?

  4. One more dumb question. How long do you let this particular recipe cure? I followed your tutorial to the letter for gifts I’m making for friends. This Sunday, it will be 4 weeks since I let it cure. Do you let this recipe sit longer or less?

  5. Might be another dumb question. But for the lye and water, is that ounces by weight or by volume?

  6. It looks like you added two spoons of activated charcoal, but your recipe says 1. Also, the recipe doesn’t say how much bentonite clay. Would you be so kind as to clarify these? Thank you!

  7. Wow. I'm really impressed. You're very talented. I've never seen such artistry with soap. I'm a new subscriber as of right now. ( i'm a soaper in korea. and I learned so much from your video! thank you lovely soap!  :-) )

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