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Marble Brush Demo and Review! | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories.

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Marble Brush Demo and Review!
Marble Brush Demo and Review!

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Marble Brush Set:

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  1. Honestly thanks so much for this video. I was planning on buying the brushes but wasn’t sure and thanks to you i have convinced my parents to get me them 😂 btw I’m 13 so I’m not a person who feeds off of their money

  2. I bought the same brushes by Aliexpress and they were so soo cheap! 😵 less than 10 dollars…

  3. ur face looks so puffy and cute 🙈 im sorry you had the allergy. glad it's better now!! great review 💚

  4. Would you do a video comparing Kylie’s blue honey palette and the dream st palette by using one palette on each eye?

  5. I’m sorry your face had an allergic reaction but you still look so pretty girly, those brushes do look cute marble everything 😍

  6. what camera equipment do you use, i want to start a channel but both my laptop and android phone suck in the way of good quality videos?

  7. This was a great, thorough review! I always use an angled fluffy brush for powder contour lately, they just bring out what cheekbones I have better than anything else. How would you compare this set to your bh cosmetics brushes? I know a few of those from the total face set are my all time favorites.

  8. hey girl heyyyy, you look fine i love you cute lil face, anyways im here as always, love these brushes so far havnt yet seen how they perform but they are estheticly pleasing

  9. Love that eye look!!! I would totally buy these brushes if I didnt just buy a shit ton from BH 😭😭😭

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