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Meguiar's Dual-Action Polisher Drill Attachment | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Meguiar's Dual-Action Polisher Drill Attachment? Are you looking to see cordless drill buffer attachment? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Meguiar's Dual-Action Polisher Drill Attachment | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Meguiar's Dual-Action Polisher Drill Attachment
Meguiar's Dual-Action Polisher Drill Attachment

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The other day I decided to do Anne a favor and wash and wax her boat Snoopy. Snoopy is her pride and joy! See a few boating adventure videos –
She has had it since new 14 years ago and likes to keep it in ship shape. But at 14 years with the slow breakdown of the gel coat, especially on the top decks, polishing and waxing by hand have become a little more difficult.

So, I was looking around to buy myself a polisher, not only for Anne’s boat but also for the RV and truck. Being a full-time RVer I wanted something I could keep with us in the RV. Storage space and weight are always a concern so was happy when I came across the Meguiar’s DA Power System.

The Meguair’s DA polisher is a small drill activated polisher. Since I already carry a drill in the RV I’d just be adding the small lightweight attachment and not a separate polisher motor. I picked the Meguiar DA due to good reviews on many store websites and the fact that it’s a Dual-Action polisher versus a plain circular unit.

The little polisher attachment worked great allowing me to quickly shine up Anne’s boat with much less effort than a hand wax. The polisher is well built. My only quibble with the product would be with the pads. The glue that holds the velcro attachment material appears weak as it started to peel off after some use. I had read this in other reviews.

In this video, I take it apart and give you a closer look then a demo of it in action and a look at how the boat turned out.

I bought the Meguair’s DA Power System at Canadian Tire for 69.99 CAD. It’s also available on Amazon, in both the USA and Canada

Meguiar’s G3500 DA Power System
Amazon USA –
Amazon CA –

Meguiar’s DA Power Wax Pads –
Meguiar’s DA Compound Pads –
Meguiar’s Marine/RV Oxidation Kit –
Pro Boat/Airplane/ RV Wax P-38-Q –

Visit the Love Your RV! Amazon Pages to shop a selection of my favorite RVing products, parts, and accessories

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  1. Instructions bday NO CORDLESS DRILL.
    Wonder why…
    I would love it if it would work with my cordless drill 18v 1800rpm
    I have 7 batteries 6ah each
    Wanting to.polish my car to perfection .

  2. What pad would you guys suggest if I’m using a one and done compound and polish? Using both the compounding pad and polishing pad defeats the purpose of the product I’ll be using (T.W 1&done pro line).

  3. I looked at a dedicated polisher a few weeks ago. Decided to keep looking at options and hand waxed the front cap by hand last week. Good timing to see this video, watching while it rains at camp. Battery life is my concern. I also park my 39ft 5th wheel in inside storage with full power and lights, so the ultimate waxing is awaiting my return home.

  4. A nice gadget – but very likely not the right tool for an entire fithwheel surface. I doubt the main headbearing will take all of the sideloads for endured periods of time. If i would like to do an entire fithwheel, i would calculate my work: how many square yards do i want to do, and how is the relation with regard to the electric support i have/use. Of course a 2kw cord machine, carefully used, would free me of all sort of tool related sorrows, energie to be put into the result, a new and better surface – best done in not too many jobs. (China provides us with quite a choice of cord machines as well – a more powerful tool will pay out before i will have done half of my fithwheel.)

    A nice tool by the way for smaller surfaces, the balancing mechanism for instance looks great and good!

    And sometimes there is a luxury in using too small tools for a job which could be called decadence. But we would like to see America great again.

  5. I used Mequiars on half of my Titanium last year with a Dewalt variable polisher. The results were fabulous however the weight of the polisher made for a tiring process of compounding, polishing and then waxing. Looking for a lighter option and this might just be the solution.

  6. OMG, being a detailer that little thing would take you forever to do a rig like yours. Also on heavily oxidized fiberglass that won't touch it, you will need a rotary polisher. But this will have a place for someone who just wants to tinker. If you are in the US pick up a Harbor Freight Dual action polisher for about the same price….. My 2 cents. Thanks Ray.

  7. I was an apprentice crane oiler for a bit and one thing the operators like us to do was wash, polish, and wax the cranes when there was nothing to do. They wanted "able to eat off the drive shaft" quality. This was done by hand. One time I spent hours and hours polishing an aluminum ladder. It was beautiful. Until we got back to the main yard and had to wash down the whole crane. Then it was ugly again.
    And all that time I never learned anything about karate.

  8. That looks really nice on the RV. The waxing does show up on the camera. I think that might be something that we would like to use on our travel trailer. It is fiberglass.

  9. Hey Ray, you mentioning about "you know me, I have to take things apart", that sort of sounds a bit like myself :D. Also, when you showed the front cap there at about 6/6:30 or so, it did come through on video, at least I could see a HUGE difference, that attachment you got and the method you did definitely did something right. :D

  10. You should call the 800 number and tell them the pad is delaminating from the plastic piece. They would be happy to hear of the defect and would probably send out a replacement. 3M purchased Maguire a few years ago. They use the hook & loop system to attach the buffing pads to the tool.

  11. Polishing your rig will be like the painting the Golden Gate bridge, when you work from front to back, it will be time to start all over. Slainte

  12. I like that set up and it seems to do the job very well. I could really see the difference on the cougar door even with the camera. My camper doesn’t need it yet but my bowrider sure does. Thanks for the info and review!

  13. Looks like a nice addition to your tool collection Ray. I have one of their dedicated random orbit polishers and the thing I found difficult about it is controlling it over uneven surfaces as it would invariably sling wax all over me and anything nearby. I also found them easier to use at slower speeds and the one I have is a little too fast even at the slowest speed. They sure do make it easier than the old wax on wax off method with your hands and arms.

  14. Nice little tool there it really works pretty good, you could tell a good difference from polished to not. Thanks for sharing Ray. Stay safe and keep the videos coming. Cheers!

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