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Milwaukee 46" Tool Box Review | List of the Best Power Tools

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Milwaukee 46" Tool Box Review | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Milwaukee 46" Tool Box Review
Milwaukee 46" Tool Box Review

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In this video I share my thoughts about my Milwaukee Tool Box. I have been very satisfied with this tool box since I have purchased it. I believe that it is a great option for anyone that needs a larger tool box for their home or even for the beginner mechanic, carpenter, plumber or anyone else that needs storage for their array of tools. This box has some great features for an affordable price (exactly the reason that I purchased it).

Me being a Car enthusiast and DIY kind of person, I always wanted a Snap-On Tool Box. They truly are the top of the line tool box in my opinion. However with me not having my ideal garage I could not see myself spending the $5000+ that those toolboxes run and not getting the right one for me. I decided to purchase this Milwaukee tool box as it is plenty big enough to hold the majority of my tools. I have been able to grow into this box as my tools and experience increase. Getting this tool box for an affordable price allows me to stress less if someone were to hit it with a car or not treat it with the same respect if it were a high dollar tool box.

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Milwaukee Tool Box Combo:

Pros and Cons:

Good Quality
Reputable Brand

One Color (Milwaukee Red and Black)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, if you own the same box or if you are interested in purchasing a tool box.


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  1. I just bought my Milwaukee tool chest in two pieces I was wondering if one of them are going to have the brackets to hold them in place or do I buy that separately

  2. Thank you for this video. I've been looking at one of these for a while. I really need a better toolbox but am not excited about spending the cash. I think I will pull the trigger now.

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