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Milwaukee 60 Inch Mobile Workbench Review 48-22-8560 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Milwaukee 60 Inch Mobile Workbench Review 48-22-8560? Are you looking to see milwaukee tool chest review? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Milwaukee 60 Inch Mobile Workbench Review 48-22-8560 | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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Milwaukee 60 Inch Mobile Workbench Review 48-22-8560

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Milwaukee has been doing very well in the tool storage system market and they continue to capitalize on that by expanding their offerings. The 46″ tool storage chest has been in our shop for some time and we use it as our everyday tool box. We have had no problems with it and we enjoy using it! Many of the same features of that tool box have been brought over to the 60″ workstation, but there have been some minor improvements, in my humble opinion. The 46″ tool chest had deep drawers and they are awesome for tools, but leave you hanging if you want to lay out wrenches or screwdrivers. The 60″ has some nice, thin drawers that work excellent for smaller tools one would need in a mobile shop environment. ..

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  1. Plan on buying one. Also would like to know if Milwaukee makes a center box for the 56" tool box would love to have that also

  2. What's this part 19''' 1/2' X 6 "1/2' that came with the bench? It is black very thin shelf looking metal. Can't fit anywhere. Anybody knows? Thanks.

  3. Nice review, thanks. I was thinking of replacing the top with a thicker top made of a few sheets of plywood which would over extend over the front a bit, and extend a little more on the sides. The idea would be to have a lip so I could use clamps and also to install a vise on each side of the bench (on the portion of the new top that extends beyond the bench). How thick is the metal frame into which you screw the screws that hold the worktop down? (I'm asking because I'm wondering what happens if you apply a lot of pressure to a portion of the extended workbench top that extends beyond the body of the workbench)?

    Also, when the casters are locked, how much does the bench move around when pressure is applied (i.e., working away at something that's locked in a vise on the bench)?

    Hopefully that's clear, thanks again for the succinct and informative review.

  4. I got the same toolbox at home Depot for 398 on clearance just the other day i love it!!

  5. Look at that wobble when they pull out the drawers! A sign of thin metal and poor quality slides.

  6. Great review! My wife just bought me this beast and I must say, the built quality is very good. Easy to put together. Trying to see if I can install an LED lamp for it.

  7. I wouldn't be able to fit all my sockets without a large one piece drawer, I like it but not for me!

  8. i love milwaukee and box is nice but i agree i wish the top drawer was one long drawer and i wish it was drawers all the way down. not a fan of the door

  9. mount the chargers on the peg board if your using it. most of mine lined up just fine. some i had to file the holes on the chargers a little bit to get them to sit flush with the metal. but they work and look good along the top of mine and you dont see the wires every where because their hanging behind the pegboard.

  10. I liked the maximized amount of storage with the use of the one cabinet and all the drawers in this video. The integrated power station on the one side is a nice touch. I can see that outside side shelf being a shin killer for sure. LOL. Great review guys. #workshopaddict

  11. I like that this toolbox has a usable work surface with plenty of storage in the drawers. I could see this setup as sliding under a workbench and moving it out when needed. I really love the soft close drawers too. #workshopaddict

  12. Great review! I love the Milwaukee brand tools! I really like the optional peg board on the back. I would use it and keep the unit stationary in my shop. #workshopaddict

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