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Milwaukee Fuel 12v Ratchets New for 2017 #NPS17 | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Milwaukee Fuel 12v Ratchets New for 2017 #NPS17? Are you looking to see best cordless ratchet 2017? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Milwaukee Fuel 12v Ratchets New for 2017 #NPS17 | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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Milwaukee Fuel 12v Ratchets New for 2017 #NPS17
Milwaukee Fuel 12v Ratchets New for 2017 #NPS17

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  1. I'm about to pick one up should I get a 3/4 or 1/2 inch can I use half-inch adapter on the 3/4 do they both have the same torque spec lately I've been fixing my car like water pumps and breaks and stuff like that I'm not a mechanic but I do fix my own car

  2. I'm still mad at Milwaukee. My 4pc tool set with niCd batteries after buying 4 batteries for 86. Bucks each is dead as a door nail and pretty much useless

  3. These new ones are great. I got all 3 brushless ratchets and they have plenty of torque and can get the job done. Have used snap on and definitely air ratchets but these really impressed me. I got both 2 and 6 amp batteries. The 2 amp had no problem meeting my automotive need but the 6 amp stepped up the power.

  4. I am getting the 1/4 drive version,coming from a local auto parts store that sells Milwaukee.Comes in next week and will put it to work.Paying $290.00 plus sales tax for it.

  5. I wonder if these have the same crappy head design that always skips & self reverses.  I've had my m12 apart about 20 times to reset the pawl pin. POS!

  6. I don't see the point of the 1/2". Its heavier, slower, bulkier than the 3/8" for just 5 ft/lb more.

  7. +Tool Boss, Milwaukee is not the only one with a cordless ratchet. ACDelco, Harbor Freight, Ingersol Rand, Mac, Matco and Snap On all have cordless ratchets.

  8. shit !! nothing wrong with my "2763 1/2" Impact,but now gotta buy the new one ! "seriously"!! 1,400 ft lb's.?? gotta have it !! n nothing wrong with my 3/8" rachet, but need the new !! :) why did u show us !!? LOL appreciate the time.

  9. when is the fuel one supposed to be released? just got the brushed version today. worth it to rebox it back up and return it? what's the cost going to be ?

  10. I wish they would build a impact in this form factor. The problem with these ratchets is that you have to be careful and not damage surrounding items or your fingers when working in tight areas. Impact style ratchet with about 200ft lbs of torque would be ideal. I will be buying there new mid sized and full size impacts. 1400 ft lbs of torque is probably more than I will ever need, but might come in handy.

  11. I think this is a really good tool.

    When I was first shopping for power tools, I bought M12 impact driver set from Home Depot.
    At that time, Home Depot was having some promotion, and the page said it includes 3/8 ratchet for free. The picture and the page description said that.
    But the title said it comes with free 4Ah battery… I thought it's bit strange, but ordered it.

    Then, when I received it, I found 4Ah battery rather that the ratchet.
    Checked the page, and the picture and the description changed to 4Ah battery, rather than the ratchet. Only thumbnail picture in the order confirmation page showed the ratchet.
    I was disappointed, so returned it and went for something else.

    I still think this ratchet can be really helpful for my auto work.
    Now, I cannot really afford to buy a tool in a different battery platform, but maybe some day, I might buy one.

  12. I was going to buy the older tools but after seeing this now I'll have to wait until the new versions are released.
    Good video thanks.

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