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Milwaukee tool review | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Milwaukee tool review? Are you looking to see milwaukee ratchet wrench? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Milwaukee tool review | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Milwaukee tool review
Milwaukee tool review

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Tool review of the 5 in 1 lineman ratchet with hammer head.

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  1. Been doing electrical work since 17 im 27 now and i will be starting a new job, And yes it’s linework. I’ve been around it and i’ve helped out on some storm work here and there with the utility i used to work for, we had 3 divisions and i finally got my shot at linework @ a new company, very exited.
    i taught myself how to climb thanks to your channel and others. i had this tool but my class A lineman took it and never gave it back hahah. i didn’t notice it till i left. But hands down this 6-1 milwaukee tool is the best.

    Great job on the videos and keep em coming brother.

  2. Why none of the lineman wrenches come with a lock feature for the socket, is beyond me. I have an old Lowell and that is by far the best feature… so much easier to throw the wrench on the back of pole to keep the bolt head from spinning while using an impact on the other side.

  3. Best 104.09 spent!!! Put it in a grinder marked lines an made me some waffles with grinder now it’s perfect

  4. Love the show! Always enjoy seeing other lineman helping other line in any matter. I’ve been looking for a wrench to consolidate some of my tools. Definitely seems like this wrench is the way to go. Thanks for all the videos hope to see more especially on tool reviews

  5. Can you fit a socket adaptor or 6.3mm bit adapter through either of the through holes on the wrench?

  6. Love the new wrench. Also the hole hawg is the best pole drill I've used. Was also very surprised on how they're battery operated chainsaw held up. Great products. Keep up the good work Milwaukee. Also big fan of lineman universe.

  7. I tell you what milwakee has really stepped there game up. When climbing poles it sure is nice to take 1 tool up that gets most jobs done. Great video need to purchase one now.

  8. They need to start issuing these at NLC. That way they cant yell at us for use the money wrench as a hammer!!

  9. Just started my career with the local union 66 I want to work my way up to be called a brother lineman.

  10. Thanks for the demo on the Lineman’s Swiss Army knife…. all it needs is a cork screw….👍🏼

  11. I would love to have this tool but you all way could put your own waffles hammer with a hack saw or angle grinder.

  12. Hey guys, I've been a grunt for a little over a year and have applied to northwest, mountain states and MO Valley. The other day, I tossed my Lowell wrench to my lineman and it went too far, into the lake and left me holding the handle. Needless to say, I'd love this tool! Local 111 Denver CO⚡️

  13. These videos are awesome! Just finished going through climbing school and looking to buy some tools. Any other specific tools you’d recommend?

  14. I'm a grunt doing contractor line work, I'm swamped in tool payments as it is, I would help to have something like this that doesn't add to bills

  15. What’s the little hole in the handle for? Maybe tie wire? Anyway this tool outta help us keep the wattage in the cottage

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