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Mini Hacksaw—A Very Handy Tool! | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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Mini Hacksaw—A Very Handy Tool! | The Best Power Tools.

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Mini Hacksaw—A Very Handy Tool!
Mini Hacksaw—A Very Handy Tool!

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Mini-hacksaws are like the “pocket” version of full-body hacksaws. Because they’re small and have an extended rigid blade, they can fit into places larger hacksaws can’t! This video from The Honest Carpenter will give you a quick demo on how to use a mini-hacksaw.

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Mini-Hacksaw (Stanley)
Hacksaw Blades (Stanley)

How To:
1) Feed the hacksaw blade into the handle, so that the free end protrudes several inches. (Blade lengths and types may vary by manufacturer.)
2) Tighten the blade into place (often with a set screw or flange-head bolt).
3) Use the mini hacksaw blade to score thin pieces of metal (approx. 1/16″ to 1/4″ thick) with back-and-forth strokes.
4) Typically, notched pieces can then be bent or broken with a pair of pliers or hammer before the full cut is made.

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  1. haven't played the audio but i kept trying to see if the extended part of the blade could be shortened.

  2. Does hacksaw brand name matters? I mean I can buy brand name blade but the tool itself brand matters ?

  3. Is there any specific hacksaw U advice me to take ? I have small screw I wanna make it smaller !

  4. Great video! Got one and hate the fact you can't cut through pipe without the forward attachment point bumping into it. Thanks for the example of use.
    Another option for your nails: the forgotten cold chisel

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