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Are you searching for the subject More Bessey Clamps? Are you looking to see reverse vise grips? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

More Bessey Clamps | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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More Bessey Clamps
More Bessey Clamps

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I have been using Bessey clamps for many years and always try and buy a couple of extra clamps when I visit a show or am at a woodworking shop. In this video I show you my toggle clamps (brilliant), EZS one handed clamps (essential), Kliklamps (fantastic) and the Uniklamps (super). I also show my home made clamp racks. I made a silly error about reversing the EZS – there is no need to remove the pin, just put the head on the other end! ..

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  1. Why would you use one or even two £40 plus Festool clamps to attach one toggle clamp to an MFT, if you can afford Festool clamps just use them!! What would have been good was if we had seen a toggle clamp that can be attached to the top of a bench dog, now that would have been interesting!

  2. David, Wolfcraft do an adaptor to join two of their one-hand clamps together. I have contacted Bessey directly to ask whether they have the such too, they don’t. Do you have any ideas for a possible self made fix? Thanks

  3. great review and overview, thank you. I started end of 2017 to migrate from extreme old (more than 40 Years) and more modern Wolfcraft clamps to Bessey Revo and Kliklamps and can not exclaim enough how big the advantage of using the Revos is, especially when bulding boxes and bodies … love them nearly as much as viewing your videos

  4. I've ordered 4 of the k-revo clamps due today. They will be used almost immediately to glue a table top together. Thank you for testing the clamping pressures of all the clamps on YOUR toes so 'we' don't have to 😁

  5. You need to get on instagramm so we can wright you there for plans

    YouTube and google plus are Shit

    Regards from germany

  6. Hi Peter,
    I got the threaded inserts yesterday and the screws arrived in the post today only a day after I ordered them! They work a fair treat and, amazingly, even with only one screw in, I had the toggle clamp working like a champ. Can't imagine how it'll be once I get all four in : )
    So, extremely impressed with this method of harnessing the power of Bessey. Thanks again for such a grrrreat idea !

  7. Peter,
    Have watched this video now several times and you certainly do a superb job of informing us about all these wonderful tools you own.
    At at 2:36 on the video, you show us how you, rather than just screw into the wood, use threaded inserts. which can be used many times without the wood deteriorating.
    I wonder if you would be so kind as to tell me what length the inserts are and what length the machine screws as I'm ready to attach my Toggle Clamp which arrived yesterday.
    Please inform Bessey that I wouldn't have bought had I not watched your video which showed me everything I needed to know about it.
    I have also watched a few of the other videos you have created and it's certainly a pleasure learning so much about woodworking from a Gentleman Woodie : )

    Keep up the grrrreat work !

  8. Thanks so much Peter for a very informative and extremely professional video. You do such a great job on demonstrating your techniques and I certainly learned a lot by watching this video. I already have the EZS one handed clamps and really love them and have ordered a toggle clamp to use exactly as you do on the mitre saw in order to safely cut small pieces. What a brilliant idea !!! Can you please tell me why you place the wooden support piece for the clamp away from the fence. Looks like an inch or two? I'm guessing that it's likely to keep the small piece from being thrown.
    Again thanks for a very informative and entertaining video.

  9. "EZS one handed clamp": Similar is also available by Wolfcraft ( type 3033). This one got the possibility to use 2 or more clamps and enlarge them by a simple tool (naturally Wolfcraft).

  10. I bought two of the Klikclamps for holding hinge jigs to doors and for stop blocks. I was so disappointed as the magnesium alloy used on the bars is to soft for clamping against the steel bars.
    Bessey replaced the clamps very quickly, but they get far less use now. Some of their clamps are amazing, but I recently got hold of the Piher equivalents and these have some big improvements on the uniklamps/k body's.

  11. great video Peter. absolutely genius idea to make those clamps for the miter saw!

    I'm going tomorrow and and grabbing some just for that alone. I can't tell you how concerned I get when I have to cut something and my hand being so close to the blade.

    thanks Ben

  12. As usual Peter… a super review, thanks. 
    One question are the clamping ends ( the moving/business ends )  of the Klicklamps and Uniklamps interchangable so as to be able to use the Kliklamp on a longer length main bar??

  13. Peter, have you thought of linking to these products on amazon with an affiliate link? It doesn't cost anymore but you would get a few percent commission.

  14. Thank you Peter! Especially, how to mount & use the toggle clamps is really helpful. Will get those.

  15. Hi David, I am also toying with the idea of making a flat plate with a 20mm diam rod fixed below which has an 8mm threaded hole through the centre. The toggle would be firmly attached to the plate and the whole thing would be secured, from underneath, with the knob used to attach the Festool fixed clamps. Peter

  16. That was very interesting. I had been wondering how to attach a toggle clamp to the MFT/3 and now I know. Thanks David.

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