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Mowing tall grass with a REEL MOWER. What happens | Newly updated handsets

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Mowing tall grass with a REEL MOWER. What happens | Best hand tools.

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Mowing tall grass with a REEL MOWER. What happens

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In this video I wanted to show what will happen when you try to mow your average homeowner tall cut lawn with a greens mower. This mower is designed to cut the grass on a putting green so its capable of cutting very low.

When you try to mow your lawn with this greens mower and the grass is over an inch or so, tall the grass blades tend to get folded over and do not get cut evenly.

The trick to mowing with this mower is to mow often and frequent. This will keep the grass short and will the cut will look better.

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  1. oh my God, stop mowing your lawn and sit on the porch and read a book or something. You ought to see my yard, you'd swear I were living in a jungle.

  2. This guy claims 1 – 1/1/4 inch grass is tall…. BS. Reel mover can cut 5 inches of grass.. You mow back and forth over any part that bends….

  3. You made the mistake of leaving the roller on the front. To cut long grass with a reel mower you need to remove the roller or convert the roller to wheels to allow the grass blades to get to the bed kinife.

  4. I cut mine with my reel push mower when the grass was well over a foot. Cut to around 7 inches or so. It would bend.

    Then I cut it again later, got it down to 1/2 inch.

    Mine is not powered…

  5. If you do not mind me asking, why do you mow so low? I actually like to cut my lawn a lot taller than that. More leaf structure leads to more photosynthesis, allowing the grass to focus on growing healthy leaves and deeper roots. The thick lawn also crowds out weeds and shades the soil beneath. This means a lawn that needs less water, less fertilizer, no herbicide and no pesticide.

  6. Ummm. My grass is to my knees. Was wanting to see if a manual mower can cut it… This thing is tiny

  7. Reel mowers (chox on cox!) I have tried and tried with two different types of non powered reel mowers on my yard, ( and thats not tall grass) They just dont work worth a damn! guess golf courses have to have them for green's,,

  8. Tall grass? Dude you can hardly tell that you mowed it. Who cuts their grass that short? Looks stupid. Just put turf down.

  9. If he thinks that grass is long, I feel bad for his wife when he whips out his dong..lol By his definition, it’s 1 1/4 inches..

  10. if one takes a cord and ties one end to the roller or roller rod pulls it tight and ties the other end to the handle one can raise the cutting height as high as 9 inches to cut grass as high as a foot. then one can put a cam or turnbuckle in this cord for adjusting the height. this makes your reel ~33% faster than a gas mower. this can be done for $5 in 5 minutes. i have 4 working models. go to facebook and type "tom d sherman" into search to get the details.

    to experiment all one has to do is remove the reel's roller, tie a cord then to the exposed roller rod, pull back the other end and cinch it to the handle for a simple working device. don't let the picture with the wooden extension throw you off . that is the ideal. all you need to do is connect the pictured cord and turnbuckle directly to the roller rod. you can make the wooden thing at a later time.

    go to tom d sherman on facebook then noise reduction. you can then scroll down to the section starting "the modified . . . ." to see more advanced instructions.

    * * https://www.facebook.com/PLEASENONOISE/ is my fb url. after doing this scroll to section beginning start "the modified reel mower …"

  11. I've come to the conclusion this is a sickness. People that have absolutely nothing else to do in life, like myself, than to worry about a couple blades of grass that are too high. We need to have like grassoholics anonymous or something. "Hi my name is Bill, and I let my grass get over an inch last week." "Hi Bill".

  12. Anyone who's this concerned with 1" TALL grass, probably doesn't have enough in their life to worry about.

  13. Does this mower not have a slower pace? Wonder if there is a different result if you were to mow slower…

  14. U just need to get turf like fake grass type shit because …just stop it dont make another video plz sir

  15. This is a great video. I wonder what would happen if the grass was already at 5-8 inches. not too dense, dry, and you used a reel mower. Would it cut easily? Jam up immediately? I like to keep my lawn at 3-4 inches in the dry weather.

  16. lol "tall grass", tall grass for us is when it starts hitting your knees and that when you know it needs to be cut.

  17. That is really really short grass you should mow with the lawn mower set @ 3.75 of an intch just saying.

  18. What type of grass is that? It's so beautiful. Here in PA I've issued a declaration of war on crabgrass that tore through the yard this summer. I was able to pull 50 lbs of it out by hand before it went to seed. My neighbor believes in natural lawn care, ie weeds are pretty mentality.

  19. Would be interesting to see how much better a 7 or 8 blade reel does in the same circumstances. Of course I am assuming that your unit has the typical 11 blade reel?

  20. 1:44 nice headlight on the mower. I installed a smaller version on mine for when it gets dark early here in the US.
    2:23 that's an impressive garden fence

  21. I've learned this over the past month with some of the taller areas of my yard. I have to push mow those with the manual reel, and then once it's lower, I'll hit it with the Flex. I wish I had the level yard you do my friend. Soon, very soon. I can't wait until Spring.

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