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MSR Guardian Water Filter/Purifier Review | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject MSR Guardian Water Filter/Purifier Review? Are you looking to see best emergency water filter? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

MSR Guardian Water Filter/Purifier Review | Best garden tools for you.

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MSR Guardian Water Filter/Purifier Review
MSR Guardian Water Filter/Purifier Review

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  1. What is the diameter of the bottle-attachment collar? I use Kleen Kanteen with a 1.75" inside diameter neck.

  2. So I can come across this honesty on telegram. Olivierdumps this is my second time of getting Cc from him so glad to know him💯💯💯

  3. My only concern with the the MSR Guardian is if that piston go's after long term proper use proper use meaning not pumping the handle at light speed that you will be unable to filter when needed.

  4. I remember eve mentioned a name called Alexascard on telegram here I guess now I got a cc from him…

  5. I’ve shy away from it, and have gone with the kyadine pocket filter, have MSR re-engineered The leaking problem this filter is well known for?

  6. I invested in Katadyn Pocket filters. Now I’m wishing I waited for this purifier.

  7. whats so special in that filter when it filteres virus where other filters cant remove virus????

  8. One upside that a lot of people seem to neglect is that the cost/liter for this PURIFIER is actually half that of many FILTERS out there. For example…$350/10,000L = $0.035. Compare with the Katadyn Hiker Pro, rated at 1200L per cartridge. $80/1200L = $0.067. Once you get the first filter replacement, the difference is even more. As long as this purifier works for the long haul, it is actually much cheaper than the competition that people put it up against, AND it is purifying, not just filtering.

  9. If people want to check this to see if its legit, you could always collect water samples of the untreated and treated waters in triplicates. Run it through a LC and use pure water as a standard. If there are other peaks outside of what is in the standard, then the filter isn't really doing a good job. If you really want to check what the contaminants are, you can run it through MS as well and use a database to determine what is in it. You could always do the same thing with GC if the compounds are volatile enough.

  10. People if you need water purification not for backpacking, since it is somewhat heavy and big, then checkout FIRST NEED XLE ELITE WATER PURIFIER pump system. Makes the MSR look like an expensive toy.

  11. Do you like the Muv better than the Guardian??? I know the Muv can filter out more stuff, but the MSR just looks more solid with the pump and I like its one piece solution. Sometimes its hard to keep track on all of this small parts in the wilderness. What do you think? If you had to leave civilisation for some time, which one would you bring???

  12. Good review. One more thing worth mentioning when comparing it to other filters of its size is that it filters ten thousand plus litres. which is eight to ten times more then the others on average. which actually makes it cheaper per litre, by quite a bit.

  13. It appears you made no attempt to prevent cross contamination of the water. You put the clean side cap face down on the table and touched the clean side outlet after handling the pump and pickup tube (which would have been in contaminated water). Am I misunderstanding or is that unnecessary?

  14. The easy of use is fantastic, I think it would a be great for a group camping situation. Nice video, Dominic

  15. I bought this filter about six months ago and in my opinion it is hands down the best one currently on the market. MSR Guardian=$350, clean potable water in the apocalypse=priceless.

  16. I mean at 350$ is quite good. If a 500ml bottle of water is 0.50$, times it by 2 to give 1$. 2 bottles = 1 liter = 1$. x10,000 = 10,000$ for 10000 liters of water, or spend 350$ to get the equivelant. May be expensive but worth it.

  17. yea real reassuring "serious injury or death may result" real nice to know that considering im watching a video of a water purifier. Will i be seriously injured or die if i use it?! My god.. Such a good filter!
    (Sarcasm if no one could tell)

  18. I have had a number of MSR Mini Works over the years and this guys smokes them. After a long day hiking up to camp the last thing I wanted to was spend the considerable effort pumping clean water. That chore is now effectively removed. I would say the effort is now 1/3 of before. The integrity test is absolutely fantastic.

  19. So I get that this filters out the 3 nasties , but I find it strange I can find no mention of things like heavy metals or anything else. No Charcoal part ??

  20. For this price, I expected chemical filtering. Even so, much too costly for my tastes.

    Hope you make good use of this one, Ben. Have some freshly filtered water for me.

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