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MTech MT- 673 Neck Knife Review | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject MTech MT- 673 Neck Knife Review? Are you looking to see neck knife reviews? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

MTech MT- 673 Neck Knife Review | Best garden tools for you.

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MTech MT- 673 Neck Knife Review
MTech MT- 673 Neck Knife Review

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MTech MT-673 is a great little neck knife for under $8.00. This is a neck knife everyone can afford to wear.

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  1. I’m a 14 year old who loves knives and I ordered this one yesterday after ur amazing review

  2. One of the best things about this knife is I'm only loosing a $7.00 knife when the police confiscate it. On the other hand, I'm only loosing a $7.00 knife when I throw it in the river . . .

  3. I went through two or three larger neck knives before I found the MT-673.

    It is the right everything for me except the ball chain broke and I'm using a paracord necklace. Not my favorite because of the choking possibility and because the paracord absorbs my skin oils and sweat and now I've got pimples on my chest. No more wearing it without a t-shirt.

    I would also like a lanyard hole on mine, although it fits my large hand fine. It came sharp enough for me out the box. But I think it will need sharpening soon. (Smith's Tri-Stone) All in all I would and do recommend the MT 673 and if I was looking to replace this one due to loss or possible damage, I would buy another MT 673. Maybe I should just order a second one NOW so if anything did happen, I wouldn't be without it for any time at all.

    See, I use it every day and I don't want anything else.

  4. Looks great for the price. I've been meaning to get a neck knife for a while to carry on me, but just can't seem to find one that is good quality at reasonable price with kydex sheath. Really frustrating.

  5. I have one from them that's a different model but I use it as a neck knife, and it's actually pretty decent. I open boxes mail and have batoned match sticks lol. But after I sharpened it of course. Great review. They do very well for whittling for sure

  6. nice review man, that looks like it can come in handy there,,,,take care brother…Later Mitch ..make the vid of you putting your touch to it.. if ya can..thanks

  7. hey what's up bro I'm going to check out this website and maybe get me a couple I still say that knife you made me my / scraper tamper is the best very nice knife I don't think any knife can compete to that take care of thanks for the review

  8. and I said to myself  "self"  I do the very same thing.   nice little neck knife.

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