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My 20 Litre (5 Gallon) Nano Aquascape: The Finale | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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My 20 Litre (5 Gallon) Nano Aquascape: The Finale

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A final video of my 20 litre tank before I tear it down and try something new. I have been running this tank for almost 2 years. I recently replanted HC at the front and it hasn’t quite fully filled in yet. Some stem plants are also a little messy (I used to have the filter and heater placed inside the bunches, so when I moved it there were holes and it hasn’t fully grown in) and I have some staghorn algae on the rock. Nevertheless, I am very happy with how this scape turned out.

Tank: Kmart 20 litre aquarium (around 36cm*22*26 ~ADA mini M dimensions)
Filter : Aqua One Clearview 280
Light: IKEA desk lamp TERTIAL with 20w cool white CFL bulb
Heater : Aquazonic Eco 25w (taken out of tank prior to filming)
Hardscape : Single Seiryu stone
Substrate : very old Cal Aqua Black Earth Premium
Livestock : Cherry Shrimp
Plants : hemianthus callitrichoides, hemianthus micranthemoides, rotala rotundifolia, chain sword (unknown type), cryptocoryne nevellii
Fertilisation: EI using own diy dry fert mix, rexolin apn for micros/trace.
CO2: DIY yeast CO2 using chopstick as diffuser.

#ausfishtubers #aquascape #nanoaquascape ..

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  1. Just subscribed! It’s beautiful! I want my tank to look like this! I have a 30x30x30cm tank! Whats the red plant called?

  2. Yo this video is underrated! I havent done a planted tank yet but I've wanted to for a while. Do you make tutorials? One thing people seem to do differently is fertilizer, but you've got some of the best results ive seen so I'm curious to know your process.

  3. Magical, you have a good hand in aquascaping! Is/was this a dirted tank? Looking forward to more vids 🏆

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