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My Bug Out/INCH Bag Setup | List of best hand tools for you.

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My Bug Out/INCH Bag Setup
My Bug Out/INCH Bag Setup

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Finally after long last I have completed my bug out/INCH bag! Configured for colder weather, this was a long process to get it set up to the point it is now. Of course like any good kit, this is a work in progress, subject to change as testing continues. I’d like to give a shout out to Zeke, Jake and Keegan for the help with recording and otherwise making this whole video possible.

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The Pack:
Kelty Falcon 4000: Kelty Tactical Falcon 4000 Backpack Coyote Brown
Torgue Patch:
Condor Triple Pistol Mag Pouch: CONDOR Tactical Triple Pistol Mag Pouch – Brown
Condor Dropleg Holster: Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster
Light My Fire Mora: Light my Fire Swedish FireKnife Fixed Blade Knife with 9.5 cm (3.75 Inch) Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade and Swedish FireSteel Fire Starter, Black

Sleep System:
OR Alpine Bivy: Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy, Mojo Blue, 1Size
Klymit Insulated Static V: Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad, Orange/Char Black
Alps Mountaineering Pillow: ALPS Mountaineering Versa Pillow, Flame
Kelty Cosmic 20: Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, Paradise Blue, Regular
Snugpak Jungle Blanket: Snugpak Jungle Blanket, Olive, 90″ x 72″/X-Large
Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme: Sea to Summit – Reactor Extreme – Thermolite Mummy Liner, One Size, Red
Kelty Compression Sack: Kelty Compression Stuff Sack (Rhubarb, Medium)

Front Pocket:
Light my Fire Tritan Spork: Light my Fire S-SP-4PACK-T Element Light My Fire Original BPA-Free Tritan Spork Multi-Color 4-Pack – Element
Stansport Can Openers: Stansport 3-in-1 Can Opener
Smith’s Sharpener: Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener
Firebox Nano: Firebox Stainless Steel Nano Stove G2 + X-Case Kit – Wood Burning/Multi Fuel – Folding Camp/Bushcraft
Streamlight Microstream: Streamlight LED Penlight, Aluminum, Maximum Lumens Output: 45, Black, 3.60″ 66318 – 1 Each

Side Pouch:
Fire Boss Kit: Fire B.O.S.S.- Bug Out Bag Survival Fire Starting Kit
TOUGH-GRID 750 Paracord: TOUGH-GRID 750lb Black Paracord/Parachute Cord – Genuine Mil Spec Type IV 750lb Paracord Used by The US Military (MIl-C-5040-H) – 100% Nylon – Made in The USA. 100Ft. – Black
Sawyer Mini Water Filter: Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System, Single, Blue
Wysi Wipes: WYSI Wipe Hypoallergenic Reusable Wipes for Cleansing Baby, Hands, Face, 100 Pack

Inside Pockets:
Silva Ranger 2.0 Compass – Orange
Husky Contractor Clean Up Bags: Husky HK42WC020B 42-Gallon Polyethylene Resin Contractor Clean-Up Bags, 20 Count, 4 ft L x 2 ft 9 in W x 3 mil T, Black
Source 3L hydration Pack: Source Tactical WXP 3-Liter Hydration Reservoir Leakproof Antimicrobial System with Storm Valve, Coyote

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Thank you very much

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  1. Coleman .20mm PVC/Nylon Rain Suit,Black/Tan,Medium

    First Aid:
    HSGI GP Pogey Pouch: HSGI Pogey GP Pouch Coyote Brown
    Trauma Kit:
    Lifeline First Aid Kit: Lifeline 29-Piece Waterproof First Aid Kit (Red)

    Top Pocket:
    Manzella Wind Breaking Glove: Manzella Men's Silkweight Windstopper Ultra Touch Gloves, Large, Black
    Silky Pocket Boy: Silky New Professional Series Folding Landscaping Hand Saw POCKETBOY 130mm Medium Teeth, 340-13
    MSR Groundhogs: MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit, 6-Pack, Regular – 7.5-Inch
    Amazon Basics Cable Ties: Attmu 50 PCS Reusable Fastening Cable Ties, Microfiber Cloth 6-Inch Hook and Loop Cord Ties, Black

  2. Great bag man i like it, and about this eating kit Croatian army using it and comming with cuterly kit also

  3. I was gonna suggest using lid like a chest rig, but I noticed it doesn't have the clips for it like the Kelty Eagle does.

  4. You might want to add a gun cleaning kit to your bag, and toilet paper. Stay safe nice bag

  5. really make sure you get to know your tools and keep developing skills. at times it seems you just have newer items with little use behind them

  6. Interesting I'm inspired by the fact that I have just about the same amount of stuff that you have. Only difference is I carry a BioLite stove…. Heavy. And rechargeable batteries.

  7. Smart man. I'd like to get one of those Kelty bags, I seen Black Scout Survival running one for his bob.

  8. I just did a test of 6 nested bags, total weight 2.2 lbs, laying atop of a sleeping bag as a pad, 6 hours, at 25F, high winds, wind chill rating as 15f, You DO Have to tent the bags over a ridgeline, so that you get those layers of trapped air. You DO need an absorbent painter's drop cloth bag, to deal with the condensation of being inside impermeable bags. This was in office clothing, guys, but long sleeves. :-) It works. The bags are a bit fragile, so I added full zippers, and zippers also let me wear them as ponchos. Getting into the 6 bags, while they are tented, is a tricky deal. So is tying up the head end of the ridgeline after you're inside of the bags, if you try it that way. I'm going to abandon the outside PEVA bag and one of the bugnet bags. It doesn't get that cold here and adding a set of Wiggy's nylon NET longjohns, under the polypropylene longjohns, gives me just as much warmth. So it's now 4 bags, not 6. An absorbent bag, two of the SOL mylar bivvies and a bugnet bag, all 5×7 ft. 1.5 lb total. I've got a UCO lantern with a wide base, if need be, I can exercise inside of the bags, I can use a discrete Dakota fire pit to heat rocks or water to take inside of my bag, and it just doesn't get all that cold here. I wanted a setup that I could use all of, all year round. wth will you do with all of the heavy clothing and sleep/shelter gear during the summer, if shtf? rodents and insects are going to ruin it.

  9. I got a $100 set of Wiggy's nylon NET longjohns. Over that, I wear milsurp polypro longjohns, BDUs, but no coat, I have polypro beanie, glove liners, neck gaiter. Use Russian foot wraps, they are much better than socks. The bags are a couple of SOL's 2 person mylar Emergency bivvy's, $25 each, a bugnet bag, and a bag made out of Everbilt (Home Depot) $10 absorbent painter's drop cloth. It's half a lb. I added a 2 ft wide strip of clear PEVA shower curtain to one side of this 4×7 ft lb, making it 5×8 ft This PEVA lets me open the mylar bags in a "u" shape, towards the sun or fire. The PEVA lets in the radiant heat and traps it.. Search yt for vids on the Siberian fire lay (Survival the alternative Swedish torch and the Dakota fire pit. I modify the Dakota to make it gravity-fed. The Dakota lets you discretely heat up water or rocks (at night, or on overcast days, IF you have really dry, non coniferous wood). The Swede is a way to quickly have a boil, if the ground is too frozen to use the Dakota pit, and it will quickly ignite a Siberian. The Siberian does NOT require large OD logs. It will work with 4" OD logs. you need 7 of them, with 5 more atop them. The wall over which the burn logs lay can be made of 4" logs, stacked between stakes, rocks, piles of dirt or snow. To prevent the wall from burning, use dirt or snow between the wall and the fire. You want the fire to be in the protruding end of the long logs. Move the logs forward as they are consumed.

  10. I added full zippers to my shelter/sleep system (4 bags, 5×7 ft each). 3 of the bags weigh 1/3rd lb each, one is 1/2 lb. All are very cheap. I can wear all 4 of the bags like ponchos, or open them flat like tarps. with RARE exceptions, in the lower 48 states, you really only need to be able to sleep at 20F, without a fire. From 10-F to 20F, a discrete Dakota fire pit can heat stones or water when brought inside of your gear with you. That suffices for 2-3 hours. Repeat as needed. Below 10F, at night, at least, nobody is going to bother you about having a Siberian fire lay to warm yourself, as long as you are GONE from that area by dawn. . My gear suffices to 0F if I'm moving. and it totals only 6 lbs more, clothing and sleep/shelter gear, than office clothing. All of it fits nicely in a roll the size of a couple of gallon cans. It will handle rain, bugs in summer, includes a hammock, which is 10×50 ft of 2" mesh monofilament netting, which will feed me if need be.

  11. I dont waste space in my pack by putting clothing, sleep/shelter gear inside of it. You can easily need that space to conceal your taken down, shorty barreled autorifle and silencer. I saved a lot of weight, space and money by using a simple day pack and a butt pack. The clothing/sleep gear I roll up, wedge it between the two packs, and tie it into place. That way, it serves the same purpose as a pack frame. You can find pretty nice day packs at the thrift stores, actually. You can use your spare foot wraps to pad your hip belt and spare underwear to pad your shoulder straps. If they are white, either dye them camo or replace them.

  12. if shtf, you do NOT want to stay where it's colder than bout freezing. Bicycle due south, at night, on back roads, using night vision and a passive IR scanner, for about a week and you'll be out of it. If you do have to stay, dig a 3×3 ft hole, 8 ft deep, turn and tunnel 2×2, using shoring, for 10 ft or so. Make a concealed lid for the vertical shaft and a debris "plug" about 2 ft thick for the 2×2. it STAYS 50F degrees once you're 5 ft underground.

  13. get a micro 9mm and put it in a front pants pocket holster. Get a silenced .22lr pocket auto and put it in a velcro tear to open fanny pack, (GunnESak) worn at the navel.

  14. first second of the video, you're already effing up. Moving around in the open, in daylight, and no silencer on your rifle. Probably also no night vision, night sights or concealable armor, either. 5 things wrong, right off of the bat.

  15. Hey nice video, I like it a lot. Off topic question but what State do you live in? The scenery looks beautiful where you seem to live.

  16. Awesome load out brother. I noticed you carry a drop leg holster in tandem with your pack hip belt. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this happen for quite some time. But I always get pinching and rubbing when I introduce a secondary belt. Any advice on how you made this happen. Maybe I can incorporate it. Thanks man 👍🏼

  17. Nice job with the wet sealed bags. I see so many people depending on ziplock freezer bags & they just aren’t dependable at all. Especially for important items like medications, food, medical supplies, etc.
    as for the holster… have you looked at the chest rigs out there? They have holsters that can also attach to the front, of your backpacks shoulder straps (in your chest area.). Making it easily accessible.
    And one last thing, it might be a good idea to include some type of tarp (or did I miss it?) it will help to give you a lot better shelter options. (I know your sleep system is designed to keep you dry and warm but that still can get miserable- the added tarp can help keep wind, rain, sleet,etc, from you and your gear also it’ll help reflect heat if you’re using a fire . Helping you and your stuff to dry, where without it, it will be unable to dry off.)
    You did a great job – much better than many I’ve seen! And I’ve watched hundreds of these- I have no idea why, other than always looking for fresh new ideas, lol.

  18. I would add something for food procurement, a fishing kit, takedown bow, snare wire, and maybe a small book on wild edibles, a bigger full tang knife to compliment the mora, a tarp for shelter making, and a solar light source like a luci lantern

  19. Ok here is my take on your bag .

    I would reorganize the whole thing .

    Need your first aid kit on out side of your pack
    Your shelter system needs work ,had a gi hammock and Sas tarp
    Your sleep system as is stands won't last you very lock .ditch all the blow up items or buy a patch kit

    So organize your bag like this
    Out side main should be first aid,water filter/snacks,fire starter,ppe,tools,admin pouch with maps binos etc on front of you ,a pouch for category

    Main should be cook set food,sleep system,clothes,back up ammo in a dry bag not a trash bag

    Items to ad
    Halley Hanson base layer
    Wool socks and glove
    Candle lantern
    Space blankets
    Painter drop cloth for super shelter
    Secondary filter msr guardian
    Smart bottle 5 gal bladder
    Gerber spade
    A real fix blade the mora is a back up
    Sharpener for both
    Signal kit
    Fishing kit
    Small urban kit ( silcox,Alan key,Stanley flat pry bar
    Trapping kit

    The never coming home bag is very complex and un needed ( most likely will never need it .And it's a pack you don't use ever just rotate out food items just like your get home bags . ( the pack for this is a pack that has minimal zippers and 1000 cordura and hypon ( ilbe is the way to go for go bags)

    Make a training bag and leave your other kits alone .

    The pack set up you have you wont make it in a Colorado winter .

    Your sleep system has you on the ground ( yes I saw your blow up pad that will pop and snivel pillow ) you need to either be in a cave or off the ground if you want a pillow get the stuff pillows .
    Edible plants book
    Shelter building book ( your current kit is temporary you need a decent repair kit / sewing kit
    Your going to have to build multiple shelters and hide sites and tree stands

    Need to insulate your filter it will freeze the way you have it . Thats why I say get the msr guardian as main
    Your pack is going to get more heavy after you ad the right items . Remember you are talking about not coming home think long and hard about that .

    Things to conceder,family and pets and a team .

    Looks like you have friends with you I would find an area and break your pack down give each person a role .cook,shelter,water,hunter is shared .

    Now redo your packs around your assigned role this is how you survive not alone you will die just from being alone.
    Loss of moral and will power .

  20. Not bad kit 45 lbs is just fine if you can trek up mountain . I would make sure not to have to completely filled so you can pick up items along the way

  21. My Mora sheath fits into the molle straps, more security, less flapping and you can always lanyard it as well if desired.

  22. Thanks for sharing, great ideas and really nice production/editing. Keep up the great work. All the best

  23. Very comprehensive kit. One suggestion…Don’t store your Sawyer Mini in a Loksak bag. Store it in a mesh bag so that it can dry out. I have some experience with the Sawyer filters. They are great filters however they can mildew if not allowed to completely dry out after use. Mold and bacteria can form and make you have a really bad day. I also carry mine inside an empty wide mouth Klean Kanteen wrapped in a bandana so that it doesn’t get broken. If you don’t have something to protect it at least put it inside your pack and wrap it with your shemagh. Im afraid it could get smashed and broken in that outside pouch. Just my thoughts. Again…You’ve got a very good setup there. Thanks for sharing.

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