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My Plate Carrier Picks! (& Weight Vest) | Best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject My Plate Carrier Picks! (& Weight Vest)? Are you looking to see best plate carrier 2018? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

My Plate Carrier Picks! (& Weight Vest) | List of best garden tools for you.

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My Plate Carrier Picks! (& Weight Vest)
My Plate Carrier Picks! (& Weight Vest)

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It’s a longer video so here’s a timeline:
Condor Sentry – 1:30 (
Morph Athletic – 4:09 (
5.11 Tactical – 7:00 (
Northgym Fitness – 9:50 (
Hyperwear Hypervest Elite – 13:10 (
Bear Komplex – 15:00 (
Plates – 17:49
Cati Armor –
Rogue Fitness –

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  1. @ As many reviews as possible .. . Dude U have the most awesome patches! Who is your source Bro !! Killing it !! Shoot the links !!

  2. A really awesome comprehensive review, I wish I'd seen this before I made my purchase. But, I got the 5.11 plate carrrier and the standard rouge laser cut plates on sale for ~$200 after shipping, so I'm definitely not mad. I will be sharing with anyone who's interested in plate carriers in the future. Cheers!

  3. My recommendation, buy an actual plate carrier (Crye, Spiritus, Shellback, etc.) buy actual plates (Hesco, Hoplite, RMA etc.), and workout with them.

  4. Would really appreciate any feedback on the EZ Vest? 🤔🤔🤔 Searching for a maximum weight plate carrier, particularly for Squats & Lunges. Rather than lifting a 250+ lbs with a Barbell. TIA!! 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Am I the only who isn’t comfortable with spending $80 for future plates. A $160 vest goes up to a $360 vest really fast.
    The EZ Vest is starting to look pretty cheap now. I already have the Olympic plates…

  6. How would you compare the 5.11 to the new small rogue plate carrier used at the 2020 Games? Would there be any pros/cons to having one vs. the other?

  7. Personal opinion, the biggest overlook for most plate shoppers is starting off with the recs for fitness vests that are STYLED after tactical plate carriers, and not looking at actual tactical carriers. They end up missing a pile of popular options. I'd say Mayflower, Velocity, Crye, or Ferro (slickster) outdo the TacTec at or below the same price. (Personally a big fan of the Velocity OPT-LWPC)

  8. Your review is totally dishonest. You did not use the double curve plates in that carrier, nor did you adjust it to fit your torso so it would be snug. Wipe that stupid smile off your face and do an honest review

  9. I’m in the Marine Corps and have their standard issue plate carrier. I’m only using it for fitness not combat. What plates should I get?? Any help would be appreciated

  10. This is the first time I have to disagree. I got the Condor to fit very well with rogue curved plates

  11. Condor is basically code for "airsoft grade" gear. Most people avoid their stuff. There are also a lot of 5.11 clones coming out these days. Bear Komplex seems like a decent compromise for fitness use, though the strap system in place of cummerbund seems like it would back off and cause bouncing.

  12. Hey man, with a condor century plate carrier you’ve actually got it adjusted way too low. The whole point is for the plate to cover the heart and lungs. If you adjust the ride height and actually tighten down the sides it is a lot better.

  13. There are side tabs to ajust for smaller plates in the 5.11 carrier. You gotta remember these are made to accommodate NIJ plates, not weights.

  14. Although crye precision is generally military use the JPC 2 is my winner compact and the medium can fit allot of various ballistic and training plates

  15. This may be slightly out of what you normally see made by the fitness brands, but there are way better quality and feature rich plate carriers by companies that make them for actual Mil/LE use. These features do carry over to use in fitness applications. These features include various methods of air channeling between the wearer and plates, chassis systems that utilize semi-rigid cummerbunds to bring the weight from off the shoulders, and features like stretch and quick release cummerbunds. While some of these options are often more expensive than the ones you showed, there are some options that do overlap, and have better features and build quality.

  16. Had the BK Vest for almost a year, and it's the best vest. Have you noticed any bouncing of the plates in the plate carrier itself, while running? (Using the the Rogue flat plates). Granted the whole vest will bounce some while running. I'm thinking more "slack" in the vest where the plate itself is held.

  17. Dude, no allegiance to Condor here. It’s not the best vest, but it’s 10x better than the used LEO vest it replaced(at least for me).
    1. you are using the flat plates that rogue says not to use with that carrier.
    2. You didn’t adjust the carrier at the bottom where the plates insert. If you use the proper cast plates and Velcro it up tight it’s fine.
    3. The sides need to be tightened properly. If you spent time adjusting the webbing properly it gets super tight on my 33” waist.
    4. If you roll the hydration tabs under the Velcro straps they disappear.

  18. Do you know anything about the 5.11 taclite plate carrier? The sandstone is 50% off from the black on the 5.11 site. Thanks

  19. lil things on the side of the shoulder pads are for routing hydration tubes and wires from radio etc

  20. I ended up pulling the trigger on the Invest carrier. Currently sold out, but if you order now they expect delivery by 5/1…and you get a free shirt!

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