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My Top 5 Micro Red Dots | Best hand tools

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My Top 5 Micro Red Dots | List of best hand tools for you.

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My Top 5 Micro Red Dots
My Top 5 Micro Red Dots

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These are my current favorite micro red dots. There are some updated versions of these red dots but I have not had the opportunity to run thoroughly. Remember this is just an experience of one. Let me know your top 5.

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  1. Of course this top-five is subject to change. A few of the dots seen in this video have had improvements over the years and I am interested in trying the updated models. Additionally, I am really interested to try the aimpoint acro and the holosun 509.

  2. If you buy Holosun products, you are supporting the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) who fund Chinese companies to go against USA companies.
    The CCP are NOT our friends. Former Chairman Mao who founded the CCP killed over 50 million of his own people. If you are a patriotic American buy Trijicon or Leupold products. Wake up my fellow Americans our Country is under attack from within and external foes who hate our FREEDOMS!

  3. Nice comparison, but 0:14 – why eject the round if the magazine was still in? LOL, sorry…being an IDPA S.O., the 'unload and show clear' is kind of burned into me. ;-)

  4. No love for vortex? I really like the Venom for EDC.
    Just wish it used a Trijicon footprint like the Holosuns.

  5. I like my 508T V2 the most. Side loading battery and titanium and mine has great buttons on the side but even the X2 is good too.

  6. DPP should be #1! Trijicon's are great RMR's but their warranty just doesn't compare to the DPP! Good video, though.

  7. you have a big short coming on this review . Are any of these shake awake auto off anything???

  8. I love these people that complain about the BATTERIES lol talk about lazy or just having something to bitch about. 😭 waaaaaaaa

  9. If you think the regular HS 507c is good, you should check out the ACSS Vulcan reticle version that Primary Arms sells. Best reticle ever for the new RDS shooter!

  10. The RMR isn't just more rugged, it's smaller for CCW. If the type 3 RMR loads batteries from the top or side it's game over. Although if Aimpoint Acro gets a real battery…

  11. It doesn't get much better than the 507c x2. The bigger buttons of the v2 would be nice, but a stupid lawsuit took that from us.

  12. I carry the 407c and I got it bc of cheapness, not durability, but can now attest to its durability bc where I conceal it, appendix, I’ve hit it A LOT moving stuff at work, picking up and carrying couches and heavy steel weights and shit like that. Bc of how you carry heavy stuff it will hit your optic a lot so even if you’re not duty carrying you should be considerate of what you will be doing while wearing it.

  13. would you recommend a red dot ( holosun 507) for the co-witnessing for my mossberg mc2c? Is it a good idea for me to get a cleaning for the new mc2c?

  14. I bet this guy participated at the Capitol Riot. SMH. Hopefully Feds raid his house and takes all his firearms and accessories and auctions them out to stable-minded firearm owners.

  15. Anybody have the scoop on the RMRcc? Currently between that and a 507c, tough decision since I’m milling a slide!

  16. When I bought my TP9SFX in 2017, I bought the $30 ADE Red Optic. Uses the same foot print as the Vortex.. I bought it because I didn't know if I'd like Red Dots on my pistols. I zero'd it at 50y in 2017, removed it many times, placed it back on & I'm still using the same battery!
    ADE doesn't play. Beat the hell out of mine & it's the best red dot I've used! I shoot it better than I do my 300bo with a Primary Arms 4-14×44..
    The prices have gone up to $80 because ADE has been proven to be a great micro dot.. but for $70-$80 bucks for a green 2 moa dot? I'd buy all day but my $30 one is still rocking solid! So no need to get another now.. I love punching out bullseye's at 30-50y & smoking Coyotes & Hogs with it on my property. I have many many rounds through it without a single issue. Try the ADE & see what ya think.

  17. Ben, thank you for your perspectives on the reflex sights on your list.

    Was there a long list of other optics that did not make the cut?

    For years now, I have been to SHOTSHOW (obviously not 2021) for industry wide research on law enforcement equipment and services. One subject specifically has been reflex sight for long guns and sidearms. I was surprised your list did not include any of the Shield Sights.

    I too have had operational problems with the a few of the newer Trijicon units. The Holosun units tested had notable problems with point of aim – point of impact discrepancies. Unless the sight alinement was the same angle through the lens as during sight calibration, impacts were errant. Also the Holosun did not hold up to some of the heavier use (read abuse) the law enforcement environment exposed it to.

    While Shield’s pistol size sights can be used as CQB or back-up sights for long guns, they covered all the bases for duty side arm work.

    A few of the ‘pros’ that brought it to the top of my list :

    • Auto brightness based on the threat-plane illumination not the firearm environment. No buttons to play with or fail.
    •Extremely low profile body. Can co-witness on all Glock MOS models with just the original factory iron (plastic) sights. With no ‘can’ sights, the number of potential holsters improves dramatically (cleaner / faster draws). Don’t have to give more money to someone for the ‘can’ sights.
    •Price is much better than anything that as Trijicon. I learned from some of the vintage Glock factory shooters, that the person who designed the very first Trijicon reflex sight started the Shield Sight company because he wanted to make a better unit than the new top executives at Trijicon wanted to bother with.
    • The visible potion of the frame whilst sighting the threat plane has minimal obtrusion. Much less likely to conceal a critical piece of needed information like behind the wings on the Trijicon RMR frame.

    While I can justify the expense of any reflex sight (and have purchased way too many in my quest), I went with the Shield Sight several years ago for duty handgun. While I keep looking for units that might be an improvement, I have not found any yet.

    Here’s hoping you shoot fast and hit what you meant to.

  18. Waiting on 407k is killing me. I’m wanting any thoughts on swampfox sentinel or riton MPRD if anyone has experience? My first red dot for 48MOS.

  19. What real patriotic American would listen to this asshole promote anything from China, especially after the last year we had, and what that are continuing to do to the US!!!

  20. I run the Holosun 507C V2 on my Glock 40 10mm MOS and i actually switched away from my Trijicon RMR to the Holosun. I guess it depends on the shooter.

  21. Swampfox getting no love? I'm ditching my vortex and holosuns for them. Would like to see a review from you

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