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Neck Knives | List of best hand tools

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Neck Knives | List of best garden tools for you.

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Neck Knives
Neck Knives

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best neck knife

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  1. Light neck knives are perfect for backpacking. Thanks for the video. Did you order the flat or saber grind, and why did you choose that one?

  2. Really happy to see your vids again! Just ordered the Rainier Fast Pac. Been wearing a necker for years; Most recently the Steel Will Druid 282 skeleton. Also wear the Vic standard folder on a Ti hook clipped to the necklace. Lite as heck, but not as robust or convenient as a true necker. Love the light idea and have an extra Photon I will lace one. Curious why you chose guy line for the necklace. Something with a lower break strength might be more suitable for this since you don't have a QR clasp. You can choke yourself out with a high strength cordage if you catch it on something…

  3. 1:40
    The peace of mind you have from carrying a tiny fixed blade neck knife for security is fool’s gold
    Carry a loud rescue whistle aka rape whistle
    The noise will be more effective than 2” of knife
    For an excellent knife from a renowned Finnish company
    Briza Necker 70 skeleton plus kydex sheath = $40
    weight 47g + kydex sheath
    You will be surprised how you will loose your night vision with a white bulb if you are map reading
    Use a lanyard with a breakaway for safety
    Like the type for ID tags

  4. This was interesting but I'm still confused about the motivation. Is it for peace of mind about animals? or humans? both?

  5. I have been carrying the Mora Eldris as my EDC neck knife. It takes an edge well and holds the edge decently. A bit bulky, but I really don't notice it. I like how the handle securely fits my smaller hand. Your set up is decently light; I will check it out. Thanks.

  6. I like the idea of having a 2nd line of survival in a 2nd blade and 2ns light source. the only thing I may add to it would be a small flint for making fire. Would really suck to make a fire with just that small knife, flint, and small flashlight to see around at night, but definitely better than nothing. A small flint with a hole to thread the cord through may be strong enough to last….or may just crack off over time.

    edit: found these on amazon. not sure how well they would work in practice.

  7. Very informative video! You’re now making me consider a neck knife myself. Do you wear the knife under your base layer or over? And does it cause any rubbing issues? And does it interfere with your backpack’s sternum strap?

  8. Another great neck knife is the Genesis II by MK Knives (another independent craftsman named Patrick). It costs a little more than the Rainer. The case for the Genesis comes with a break-away paracord so it won't choke you if it gets caught on something. Plus the cord loops through two holes in its case so it looks to hang better around your neck. Awesome knife. Thanks for a great video promoting neck knives.

  9. As a long time amateur astronomer I am amazed at how strongly we were conditioned to only use red light sources when star gazing. This is interesting new knowledge. Go GREEN! Thanks Bungzy

  10. Your points on the value and common sense for ease of accessablity are more than well taken. My EDC neck knife, for hiking and town life, is CRKT "Bowie" style. I carry it for the same reasons you cited, including the veiled reference to self defense (peace of mind). I also always carry a hidden and easily accessed 9mm pistol for that same reason. And some may be in for a shock if they knew how many other hikers do the same.

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