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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: The First 24 Hours! (NEW SERIES! EPISODE 1) | Best hand tools

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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: The First 24 Hours! (NEW SERIES! EPISODE 1) | Best garden tools for you.

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The first 24 hours of training a new puppy! Here is your puppy survival guide! This video is sponsored by BARK! For a free extra month of BarkBox or Super Chewer box go here: BarkBox: Super Chewer box:

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  1. The acidic mary noticeably dry because stove spontaneously whine unlike a naughty geese. wanting, scared computer

  2. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Shoes on the table!!! Where were you brought up! Shoes NEVER go on a table… I can feel the bad luck just seeing you do that….. you better get a rabbits foot right away!!!!

  3. My puppy daisy just learned to lay spin and go between my legs and your videos are awesome 🤩

  4. At this moment, I cannot find the appropriate video to address what I am about to share with you.
    My wife had a
    Service Dog, fully trained at "4 Paws for Ability"
    18 months,
    Cookie is an 8 pound Yorkiepoo and is capable of astounding task performance.
    She was a rare exception because they normally only train Lab's . So…
    Long story short…
    I have seen comments on your channel that ask:
    How can I get my dog to understand me.
    The actual question, in no uncertain terms should be:
    "How do I begin to understand my Dog's language as associated with human speech…"
    Here is the answer:
    When we train a dog,
    We Think that WE… have just shown the Dog, how to do something,,,
    The real lesson to be learned,
    is that; just by being there,
    The Dog got US to go through the trouble…
    You see the learning process is actually OURS!
    The Dog already knew how to lay down.
    The Dog already knew how to sit.
    WE…Just learned… how to get the Dog to SHOW US what it already knows.
    The learning process is Always ours because the Dog lives in the moment with experience to back its understanding of what We Expect.
    But, still, it is we, who learned how to get the Dog to show us…
    How much it already knew.
    Now…here is the key to human language that a Dog understands,
    and you will be astounded at the response and outcome.
    If you are a fan of Star Wars (LOL)
    This will come easily to you:
    Your Dog understands better,
    If you speak to them like Yoda.
    For instance:
    Your Dog wants a treat and keeps pawing at you and
    Looking at you.
    You Can say "no"
    Or the apparently Cliche response
    "Leave it"
    Or you can say
    "no treats"
    The last word they hear is…"Treats"
    Now they absolutely understand context in what we say far more than just tone.
    If we say:
    "Treats, No"
    Then they hear the object of their desire followed by the idea…
    That the time for treats is over.
    "Treats, no"…
    Same for
    If you have taught them that the word for feeding time is:
    "Food" then when they ever beg All you have to say is:
    "food US…
    "food Daddy"…
    "food Mommy"…
    They understand this Immediately.
    It's quite astounding!
    And if you apply this …
    Yoda, speech to your companion, you will very quickly discover the extraordinary sentience of the being that you are sharing your life with.
    So Zack, I would appreciate Any feedback on this…
    OK extraordinarily long comment LOL!

  5. I am getting a puppy on May 28 and my mom and dad watch you so we can learn. They think you're the best trainer!

  6. does these free boxes have an time limitation? (can i still get one for free? And is it available outside America?

  7. I just a new puppy that is 7 weeks old and I am having trouble getting him paying attention to me had given gifts but he is not interested with treats

  8. The crate and the fence very interesting can we know where do you get that fence. Thanks

  9. I aven done puppyhood in 13 years. New puppy coming in 5 weeks. Here I am refreshing myself and preparing myself for whats to come, Excited!
    I am definitely going to have to get Bark Box again, but I think I'll have to do the Super Chewer.

  10. I am surprised you are suggesting for the dog to sleep in the separate room, why would that be? My dogs always slept in the same room as me (and never in the crate as adult dogs)

  11. Hi Zack, do you have a video to show your dog how to roller blade and biking with you, my dog try’s to bite my bike and roller blades how do you stop that lol thanks. And buy the way thanks for all your helping videos you are great!

  12. Shouldn’t I try to wake up my puppy if they take a nap so that they can sleep at night?

  13. Great video. I have a question on your pen and crate. Did you buy that separately or do they come together? Puppy due in 2 weeks. Thanks.

  14. We had several weeks to prepare for the arrival of our two mini Goldendoodle pups and we spent a good portion of that time going through your puppy training vids, Zak. Proud to report that our two 11 week olds are both ringing the bells to go outside – after just 3 weeks!

  15. i get my chow chow puppy in 2 weeks. 3rd time im watching this series to prepare as much as i can before he arrives

  16. Zak, I know you might be busy but can you come to my house and train my dog? we still need potty training and still very young, Help!

  17. What treat fo you give her before first nap?. We will get puppy by the end of May, thanks for your work it is lifesaver for new-puppy parents as we are 😍

  18. Zak my new puppy absolutely loses it when I even try to put him in his crate. I have been letting him sleep with me because it is really bad. Now I am nervous that I created a bad habit. He is only 8 weeks old so I will try again. He just screams and crys and jumps immediately and doesn't stop

  19. I really need help training this dog who is 40 plus pounds. He bites constantly and jumps and claws. He is smart. Sits and can be so gentle when treats are presented for sitting. He also acts like a sword fish on the hook when on a leash. We found him in January and is kennel trained and does well in a car. I bought a book “Don’t shot the dog” but I think the cats hid it 😂 he chases my cats. I’m trying. The video on the German Shephard was very helpful and worked so maybe we have hope. He has long legs, jumps and nips so much and won’t stop. I need these behaviors to stop. My 70 year old mother who uses a walker moved in. I need him to stop now before an accident happens.

  20. you’re not supposed to give them treats when they go potty …. they’re supposed to do that to begin with

  21. I recently earned my dog obedience training certification, and watching your videos was really helpful when I was completing my course. I love that you show various products for dogs, puppies, and training as it is hard to find a lot of these things near me. Do you have an online store or something where I can order supplies and items online?

  22. I just got a new Aussiedor puppy and I simply must get him those bark boxes! I love your videos!Also could you provide a link where I may be able to find those gates with the legs on them and maybe purchase online?? those are so much more convenient than the tension rod type that fit between doorways, and I have never seen them at pet stores near me.

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