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NEW RUGER PC CHARGER – AR9 KILLER? (Full Review and Demo) | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject NEW RUGER PC CHARGER – AR9 KILLER? (Full Review and Demo)? Are you looking to see best ar9 pistol? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

NEW RUGER PC CHARGER – AR9 KILLER? (Full Review and Demo) | Best hand tools for you.

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NEW RUGER PC CHARGER - AR9 KILLER? (Full Review and Demo)
NEW RUGER PC CHARGER – AR9 KILLER? (Full Review and Demo)

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This is NOT a sponsored video, and I am NOT promoting the sale of this firearm! This is solely a review and demonstration of this firearm based on my experience and opinions. This is the NEW RUGER PC CHARGER PISTOL! this is not a T&E preproduction gun they send to reviewers before releasing to the public, this is an actual production version I purchased at my local gun shop, J&G Sales (no link, I’m not promoting the sale of this firearm).

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Vortex Crossfire II: (mine is the 1-4×30)

UTG QR mount:

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  1. What do you think about someone coming out with a replacement trigger group for the PC Charger that has a toggle type trigger like the Glock? Being a left handed person, I have a difficult time activating the cross bolt safety. I think a toggle trigger would ad another level of safety to this gun. I’d like your opinion. Thanks

  2. Everyone: Email Franklin Armory. Ask for a binary trigger for the Ruger PC Charger to be developed.

  3. I believe the reason they dont put a pic rail on that forgrip area is that in other models of 'take down' it has accuracy problems (heat/expansion,looseness). I agree we need a non-takedown model. supressors unscrew for a reason :)

  4. Well you know the barrels are interchangeable….. ( ATF I know it’s a no no to you…but I can read the 2A in cursive )

  5. I would love to see a mag holding foregrip like the Roni has. Embed a light in that grip while you’re at it. Make me happy!

  6. I shot one Saturday with a Sig Romeo 5 and man it is a beast.. I love the PC Charger… Trigger is awesome… What light is that on the side.

  7. In California, I can only cry. Regardless, I think it is easier to just stick to the AR 15 platform with a conversion. But, a part of me still understands and feels the temptation to try one out. Great review!

  8. I dunno. Seems like a great gun but over priced. I own the pc carbine tactical chassis model and it cost me $200 less than this thing. Basically the same gun only longer. Makes no sense. I can get a Foxtrot Mike, PSA Ar9 or FX9 for less and be happy.

  9. Hello, I have a red dot and flop up iron sights. They are offset / 45 degrees iron sights. If the red dot goes off-line with the push of a 2 buttons I have iron sights. Further I have a miniature combination white light and green laser. It’s a little smaller than the length of my thumb. I have the same brace as you. Mine is aluminum. I use stick magazines and I have a drum(don’t use it much) and a single point sling.

    Ricky from IBM, Ret.

  10. Been looking everywhere everyday for three months trying to buy one. :( can’t wait for it to join my Ruger 556 and 556 pistol family. They need their little brother to join the family

  11. have to ask..this Ruger or a PSA Gen4 8" AR9? it will cost at least
    $180 more to upgrade the Ruger to my specs than the PSA AR9….both
    accept Glock 33 round mags….is the Ruger worth the extra cost? Also, i
    dont care about the barrel quick detach feature of the Ruger

  12. Cool video. I agree I want iron sights on all of my rifles too. I disagree on your choice of optic. It negates the idea behind a small weapon. Thanks for making the video. 🍻

  13. Awesome review .Try this in any other country and see what happens…Freedom in the USA is awesome BUT remember it ain't free since people have died for everyone's freedom. California seems to forget this!!

  14. Have you had any problems with the SB brace coming unlocked while shooting? You (and I) are left handed. I think the reports of the brace unlocking from recoil is a right hand problem. A right hand shooter will pull the stock to the right while shooting which is the direction needed to unlatch the brace while a left hand shooter pulls the stock to the left while shooting which is the direction needed to lock the brace. I have not had any problems with the brace unlocking while shooting as I shoot left hand. This PC Charger is just too much fun to shoot.

  15. When shooting left handed with that brace, did you notice the problem others have had with the brace starting to fold under the recoil?

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