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NEW! SAS Atmos Compact Modern Long Bow | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject NEW! SAS Atmos Compact Modern Long Bow? Are you looking to see folding bow? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

NEW! SAS Atmos Compact Modern Long Bow | List of best hand tools for you.

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NEW! SAS Atmos Compact Modern Long Bow

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  1. This reminds me of a toparch bow I recently purchased on amz ca for sixty bucks , what more does a guy really need eh?

  2. How come every video review of this bow is 2 years old, the time of the kickstarter and there is no new information about it, years after it's release? Is this bow still any good? Were there some serious issues, hence all the silence on it? Most products have review after review, if it's good? It's almost like SAS paid people to write good reviews and then take down any video saying anything negative about it? Now all their bows are on sale on their website and unavailable from other retailers, even Amazon. What's up with this bow?

  3. A good Bow has always been my prefiered choice, one pero is that it requieres no firearm lisence in canada, but mainly it seems more practical in a long term shtf situation, most people are collecting guns but after a collapse unless they can produce their own ammo they will eventually run out, but wood, feathers, and sharp tips to make arrows are plentyful in nature.

  4. I love the review of this bow! Thanks for sharing this video! I will be looking for this product!!!🤗

  5. What do you think of this bow 2 years later? would you recommend this bow to get in your BOB?
    Is this the ultimate one?

  6. I got one for Christmas at 55lbs draw, going to put a small quick release 3 or 4 arrow quiver on it. I want to find a good case or sleeve of some sort to put it in also as they don't come with one.

  7. I’ve enjoyed your other videos, but I’m a little disappointed. I understand the need to promote your business and your suppliers. But until you can demonstrate that a bow is accurate enough to hit that zombie head everytime at at least 35 yards, you really shouldn’t be recommending it, because even after just a few weeks archery experience, many newbies can hit smaller targets at 35 yards, with very cheap “beginners” bows..

  8. The fact that it takes a sight is what makes this bow worlds above all others…in my opinion. Not gonna even lie…I suck at consistently eyeballing targets and setting up on them with a traditional bow due to my lack of formal training. With sighted bows it helps a crappy shooter like me actually get on target.
    This is right up my alley.

  9. This would be the perfect bow for my setup, I would run maybe a 50 or 55lb draw weight if available. What was the final cost.

  10. Pretty much annoyed there's no left handed version , this won't be for me as usual :( .. wth they only make right handed bows nowadays

  11. Make sure your fletchings are the same direction every-time you shoot and learn to use a release you will get a truer flight and put a sight on that bow faster shooting and more accurate

  12. I see what do you have coming up maybe I can give some ideas that mite make things better I have always been an idea man and was a machineist for a number of years and would enjoy useing my brain again for something besides a hat rack

  13. I like the Easton take down arrows–does SAS make a takedown compound bow–or even better those pistol sized reverse compound bows..those have phenomenal arrow speed and compactness but they seem kinda gadgety like 007..

  14. Sorry looking back at the video I see it is a long bow style but i have an idea for installing the limbs instead of useing screws and washers use knows with knurled knows to screw in to fasten the limbs to the riser it would make it easier and no loss of tools

  15. Btw do they make a snap on handle for a wrist braced sling shot including a whisker biscuit arrow rest to shoot arrows from a sling shot

  16. Thanks for another great video. Hopefully you find more time for your philosophical talks. I love that stuff. Best wishes to you and yours.

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