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Noveske Space Invader | The Best Direct Blowback AR 9 | Best garden tools

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Noveske Space Invader | The Best Direct Blowback AR 9 | List of best garden tools for you.

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Noveske Space Invader | The Best Direct Blowback AR 9

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In this video we take a look at the Noveske Space Invader and see how this cross between the Q Honey Badger and the HK MP5 shakes out.

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“This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All guns displayed off the range are safety checked and only displayed pointing in safe directions. All footage at the range is private range and the gun is handled by a Range Officer certified by the National Range Officer Institute. This video is not promoting or attempting to sell guns. Sale of guns is heavily regulated and I am not associated with any federally licensed firearms dealer. The actions of all firearms displayed are unmodified and presented as commonly available from original equipment manufacturers. This video is not instructional on building or modifying firearms. Nothing has been done to increase the rate of fire or lethality of the firearms displayed nor would I advocate making such modification as it presents a huge liability and potential risk of harm or death.” .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. @AlabamaArsenal: What are some good 9mm suppressors to consider to put on a Noveske Space Invader that would stay around 7” oal for the suppressor which uses s qD attachment method?

  2. I would love to see a full auto version. I wonder if this shortened buffer tube could handle it or if there would be too much bolt carrier bounce… Also want to see the #Noveske mini space invader

  3. You should try running the space invader in full auto and see if it works or if there’s too much bolt carrier bounce.

  4. Nice video and very informative and very entertaining and very satisfaction more videos.

  5. To all of the naysayers, and for whatever it's worth, if you put all $ issues aside, and do not make this about money (and don't tell me this is about money, I don't care, don't want to hear it.) this firearm is amazing, and I love it. The craftsmanship is off the charts, and when you see it in person, especially in a group, everyone wants to try it and take it home. I will be keeping mine forever. I am already machining an aluminum adapter plate to cover the "hole" in the stock when it is extended, that matches the design of the firearm. I have run 1,000's of rounds thru it thus far, no complaints no hiccups. Adding my own designed vertical forgrip that I am designing and machining on my own. When the suppressor is on, this is off the hook cool, sincerely. Very awesome piece. Period.

  6. So many of these videos contain a lot of whining over the rear of the stock issues, etc., a small piece can easily be machined and popped into that area to match exactly and extend the existing rest, where you may put your cheek. Problem solved. We are all big boys with boy toys, this is a quality item, yes that's a shortfall, but the issue can be readily corrected. Someone or company will eventually either manufacture a fix as I described (That I am doing on my own and can make perfect in one day) or someone will make a different rear arm mod, etc. …this is a quality item and love it…

  7. 5:25 “not every gun going forward from this point needs to take Glock mags.”

    Truest statement that needed to be said.

  8. Which 9mm K can or can in K configuration had the least amount of blowback? Debating between the Wolfman and the CGS mod9k (already have the Mod9).

  9. Alabama arsenal !! Man I love your alls reviews I always watch for a good review !!and yall are from the dirty south not some damn yankee !! Keep it up fellers !! A little joke (how do you circumcise a boy from alabama ? ) ans= kick his sister in the jaw

  10. Do you like it as well as the APC9? I get the feeling Q is making a 9mm. We just started seeing their 9mm cherry bombs which means a 9mm can for sure and possibly a 9mm HB

  11. This would be my favorite if they just didn’t use the dead colt pattern mags!! Side note that thing looks super over-gassed with a can. It’s coming out of the magwell in some shots.

  12. Silencer shop recently sound metered a space invader with a wolf man and it was pretty bad with at ear numbers- most likely due to the lower mass of bolt/buffer. There is no reason you couldnt get a regular AR 9mm tuned better than the space invader with the myriad of buffer weights and springs available. You can take your AR9 even further now with the short stroke system of JP which now still retains LRBHO- combined with a hydraulic buffer, you can smooth it out even more. Still no match though with delayed blowback systems.

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