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Outdoor WiFi Extender Setup | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Outdoor WiFi Extender Setup? Are you looking to see how to extend wifi to detached garage? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Outdoor WiFi Extender Setup | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Outdoor WiFi Extender Setup
Outdoor WiFi Extender Setup

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For this outdoor WiFi extender setup video, watch how to setup an outdoor WiFi extender repeater link between two locations. We’ll cover how to use an outdoor WiFi repeater like the PiFi to grab a signal from a host network and repeat it through another home. This situation will also work for people who need WiFi in their barn, metal building or RV.

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1) LONG RANGE WiFi: This system is a long range outdoor WiFi repeater solution.

2) HIGH SPEED: As well as being long range this is also allows for high bandwidth between the to locations. With this system you can expect to stream, game and surf the web at similar speeds to the host network’s connection.

3) DURABLE: Ready for the elements and capable of performing at a high level for years of use in all climates.

About the PiFi Repeater:

The PiFi repeater allows you to access a WiFi hot spot out of reach for wireless devices like smart phones, tablets, computers, cameras and more. By using the world’s easiest WiFi repeater to configure you can grab the source hot spot’s signal and recreate it through another router inside your shop, guest house, barn, camper, RV and more.

What you need: A PiFi, antenna, router and a mount. We make it easy to setup your system in the best possible way for your particular situation.

The PiFi repeater is capable of working with any outdoor antenna on our site. However we reccomend going with our directional panel or omni-directional for ease and simplicity during your setup.

Each antenna is meant to be mounted outdoors with the PiFi at the location that needs internet.

The router is a critical part of your PiFi system as this is what allows for multiple devices to connect to the internet provided by the PiFi. While the signal bridge between the hot spot and the PiFi repeater occurs over 2.4 GHz, the repeated signal can be converted to 5 GHz for faster networking speeds in the new system.

The PiFi repeater & antenna is intended to be mounted outdoors and for that we offer a J-pole or sturdy tripod that supports all the equipment in the kit. Use th ebst mounting location for the clearest vantage point to the main source hot spot.

Wireless: Wireless links over 2.4 Ghz up to 150mbps | 802.11b/g/n networking compatibility between the two locations.

Antenna: Directional antenna option is rated at 14dBi with a 36° radiation pattern. The omni-directional antenna is rated 11dBi with a 360° signal pattern.

Router: Basic router allows for wireless networking on 2.4Ghz with speeds up to 300 mbps. Our high speed router is dualband (2.4/5GHz) capable with speeds up to 1900 mbps.

Compatibility: The new hot spot allows all WiFi enabled devices like phones, TV’s, Tablets, Computers, Cameras and more regardless of operating system.


Need help in choosing a WiFi range extender that’s right for you? Let us help. Call us at 305-798-8505 or email us at support@simplewifi.com

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Outdoor WiFi Extender Setup


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  1. Good video but way to expensive compared to other options out there. Also seems like 40-60 mgb is the norm, although most companies boast 100-300?

  2. Awesome video, I purchased 2 of those wavlinkac600s and I'm trying to do the similar thing, just having a bit of trouble setting both up and what modes, any way you can help?

  3. Y, ,, , o,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ye,,,,,,,,, r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,be r zxwcq Q f, ,,,,,,,a*₹ e e. S eeee. Eee ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. What the heck is "PI" in the "PI-FI"? Is this your own proprietary name for "WiFi"? Remember, VHS kicked Beta's rear end, "PiFi" just sounds gay!

  5. That's a really great video. Please keep posting. I had a question, can I connect a wifi placed in the bottom by a cpe outdoor unit from height ??

  6. my dash came wifi only reaches 10ft,how can i extend that to reach my phone 20 meters away please? you seem to know your stuff,thanks.

  7. What's the short black wire coming out of the router for? Wouldn't the cable from outside work just as well or is it not compatible with that particular router?

  8. Can you please explain to me why that pro tip at the end is a good one. I'm trying to learn. Thank you!

  9. Hey! Thank you for the access to information. If I wanted to connect and LED sign to a building 50 feet away from the access point what equipment would you suggest I get? I need the unit in the sign to be able to be powered through POE. Thank you for any help I can get here.

  10. Thanks for sharing.
    Does it work well at the very bad weather? I want to use the same design but worry about the bad weather.

  11. Do I need to buy both wifi sender antenna and receiver antenna?
    My host building is a single-story building, so I may need to buy a directional antenna, but my storage building is two-stories building with huge windows so that I think if I put an additional wifi router at the second floor, I think it doesn't need any large receiver antenna.

  12. would I be able to get away without a pie fight if the person inside of the metal trailer does not have a computer or anything that hooks up to hardwire… Another words all she needs the Wi-Fi for is for her tablet and cell phone …internet service is inside the main house approximately fifty feet away from the router… Can we just use an antenna in front of the big window where she gets reception and simply use the antenna for

  13. What if I have two outdoor antennas and I want to take the internet wirelessly from point a to point b how could I go about doing so?

  14. Hi there! Need help with my outdoor ap situation, I want to share my wifi to my next door neighbors, we have a small house and right besides it is a gift rubber tree that covers almost 80 percent of our roof! Yes it's crazy but that's how it is, it stretches up to about 6 to 8 meters high. Can I place the outdoor AP above that tree? What is the maximum height you can place AP's?

  15. Hello sir first off thank u for what u do . I have the same scenario as the video but I have trees will this system work going through trees and will I have enough power to hook 8 or 10 wireless cameras to it,the distance I’m dealing with is about 350 to 400 feet. The trees are in the first 150 feet. I thank u in advance for your time

  16. My primary need is to send WiFi tv signal 50 yards to two different cabins , additional I would like the same system to when pointed at my arena approximately 1/2 mile to do the same . What will work and what equipment do I need and price .

  17. This is the best long range wifi vid I've seen so far. That drone footage was amazing! Thank you for this video!

  18. Is there any benefit or drawback for that matter with combining the two sma connections on the back of a dual antenna AP by using an sma Y adapter and then plugging the single other end into an outdoor antenna?

  19. Hey so I live out in the country. Rice farmers outside of Sacramento. And being in the country cell signal is bad, no mainstream internet providers such as at&t or Xfinity so we found a guy who does satellite internet and it was working for a month then the wifi crapped out and didn't work again and he was the only company that had the slightest signal that reached us. Any ideas on what to do in this situation??

  20. Can I make up to 360 degree 5 km WiFi zone?
    If I can do it, which device use and how?
    please help

  21. Hii
    We installed a WiFi networks in a hill area but there is no proper coverage there…..plz guide

  22. Do you have another guy helping you shoot azimuth?! That’s a lot of back and forth or high quality surveying lol

  23. I have a question if you can help me out.I want to put some wirreles antennas at a hotel.3 of them outside.and i want them to make like a bridge so it will look like 1 name(ssid) and
    It will automatically connect you at the antenna that you get better signal.they will be connected on a switch.Do you know what type on antennas i need?Thanks

  24. You stated that the distance of the broadcast for the yagi was roughly 150yds. Will lose internet speeds the further out I go with a pifi our will it maintain the same upload and download speeds at different distances?

  25. I have a very steep hill in the way. If I put the Pifi at the top of the hill pointed at the host how far can I run the ethernet cable? It is about 150' from where I would put my router. Would I have any signal loss?

  26. Does pifi work at the host end AND the receiving end? When do I need both? If I only want one, what are the tradeoffs?

  27. What is the type of Connection do I need to go for my wireless router into my directional antenna

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