Paver Patio Start to Finish 😀💪🌿 | Top-bought cleaning accessories

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Paver Patio Start to Finish 😀💪🌿 | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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Paver Patio Start to Finish 😀💪🌿
Paver Patio Start to Finish 😀💪🌿

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Full Version –
Patio & Firepit Supplies:
Rumblestone Firepit Kit-
Rumblestone Pavers –
Angle Grinder –
Diamond Cutting Wheel –
Proflex Paver Edging –
Leveling Sand –
Sakrete Permasand –
Finishing Trowel –
Concrete Adhesive –
Behr Low-Lustre Sealer –

Stationary Chair –
Swivel Chair –
Loveseat –

Some of the plants I used:
Instant Karma® Elderberry –
Diamond Frost® Euphorbia –
Yuki Cherry Blossom® Deutzia –
Superbells® Grape Punch™ –
Graceful Grasses® Purple Fountain Grass –
Lemon Coral™ Sedum –
Spilled Wine® Weigela –
‘Paint the Town Magenta’ Pinks Dianthus –

Video Gear we Use –
Favorite Garden Tools –
Favorite Containers –
Favorite Soils –

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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years.

Garden Answer
580 S Oregon St
Ontario, Oregon 97914


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  1. Paver patios always look like shit later on though that’s the only bad thing about them

  2. What's so nice about this video is you don't hear all the bickering that is inevitable on such a project… 🤣

  3. What would have made this video complete was to say how many square feet the patio was and total cost. I look in your links but not seeing that info.

  4. Looks great. I’m like…that place looks a lot like home. I was pretty close over here is Boise. Great video

  5. I seriously wish people wouldn't post unprofessional builds like this acting like it's to industry specs. I'd give it 8 months before you start seeing major issues with the patio

  6. Kk but the fireplace directly on the brick can build up pressure under the brick if there is even a small void and an explosion may occur . Been there done that careful out there folks . Nice job other than that .

  7. Man, I wish I had six other people like that who know what the hell they're doing to help me on projects like this.

  8. How many sq feet is this and how much would something like this cost. I understand it varies among states, it I’m just curious. Thank you.

  9. I never understood that furniture not being under an awning or some kind of enclosure…and you may have to redo your fire pit…using cement in the joints…its really beautiful…

  10. Must be nice to get to use all this equipment for free and get all the plants and pavers and furniture free or at very discounted prices.
    Next time tell your viewers how long and how much it would take to get the job done without all the perks you get.

  11. Awesome patio. You’re going to have to move out your house and open it as a garden attraction much like Longwood Gardens in PA.

  12. Did you just use polymeric sand as your base 😂? Polymeric isn't supposed to be used as a base at all (not to mention extremely expensive) but even brick sand is extremely outdated, limestone screenings or high performance bedding only.

  13. What is that next to your little red tree looks like aptos blue red wood or some Leyland Cypress I like the look but mine are ugly

  14. Useless Video without step by step instructions ,like, how deep to dig, what was the string for, etc. Instead of Paver Patio Start to Finish should have been titles, Paver Patio After. THUMB DOWN! No use to subscribe to her channel, Next

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