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Pioneer AppRadio Mode | Best hand-held repair tools

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Pioneer AppRadio Mode | Newly updated handsets.

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Pioneer AppRadio Mode
Pioneer AppRadio Mode

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app radio 4 review

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  1. I have a AVH-X8850BT. I have an Elephone S7 and a Bluboo S1A smartphone. neither Pioneer Smart Sync or AppRadioLive work with these phones: the head unit simply doesn't recognize the smartphone, whether with USB cable or Bluetooth. Can you help?

  2. So they told me it was impossible to get the "latest" MapUpdate/Firmware Version on AVIC X9310bt running 2011 maps… I could only get upto 2012 Map updates… Hahaha I now have 2015 MapUpdates/Firmware V6.0 Bluetooth 3.32…. I never paid a dime… I went ahead and downloaded the firmware update for AppRadio 4 and installing it on the avic x9310bt.. 💪🙌👏🤟🤣😂. Make best friends with SUPERTESTMODE & AVIC411😅

  3. Tenho um Pioner 84 80 BT e não consigo espelhamento com meu iPhone já olhei vários tutoriais e não dá certo

  4. I have a sph – Da 120 pioneer and an iPhone 7 but I can't launch waze through appradio, please tell me how to configure my car stereo

  5. I have a AVH-X3800 and tried connecting it via Samsung Galaxy note 3. While it did connect and I could also view Waze through the screen, however, I couldn't output any audio from Appradio music player or Waze. Ended up just playing audio to unit via BT and waze using smartphone only.

  6. This comercial is a piece of shit, App radio is a complete lie full of false expectations.

  7. this unit is piece of shit don't work with my android phone I will never recommend this to anyone I wasted time and money

  8. why these Radios need always Cables ??? what about Bluetooth ? look the Technology is so far that you can do everything with Bluetooth its all about money to Buy expensice cable from Pioneer look how to Connect Apple Watch with Iphone its working perfectly via Bluetooth why you dont make the same ?

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