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Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review – Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under $600? | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review – Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under $600?? Are you looking to see best pioneer speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review – Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under $600? | Best hand tools.

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Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review – Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under $600?

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Information related to the topic Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review – Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under $600?.

My Pioneer SP-PK52FS review, covers everything from pros & cons to sound quality [Links Below]

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Energy RC-Micro 5.1
Aperion Intimus 4T Hybrid SD


Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Receiver


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Pioneer SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker
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Pioneer 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Package Review

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  1. Hi Lance, If I get Pioneer SP-PK52FS 5.1 system, can I also add another 2 sets of Pioneer surround speakers to get to 9.1 channel with a better 9.1 channel receiver?

  2. Great Review! I am looking for something smaller and the Energy speakers you mentioned are now discontinued. Is there anything else on the market today that can compete with the pioneer?

  3. Can you please make a review for Pioneer Elite speakers? Also how does the Pioneer Elite SP-EC73 work in an L-C-R setup for music listening.

  4. Hi. I am wondering if I can change the surround speakers for other two towers. Do you thinks this is a good idea?

  5. What gear did use with these ?? I have them with a pioneer elite..and I don't like the pairing

  6. The Matching Center Channel speakers and bookshelf speakers NOT having 5.25" woofers is an EPIC FAIL and mess up the voice matching for home theater.
    Good for stereo only applications, but worthless for home theater unless you use towers for all speakers. Good luck trying to use a tower for the center speaker.

  7. Excellent review, realy enjoyed it, very informative. Thanks. What would be a good AVR to use/that will work well with a Nvidia Shield TV.

  8. I have this set w/ dual 10" version's of the sub's and pioneers entry level 5.1 receiver . . . WOW !!! All in for under a grand and couldn't be happier with purchase . Perfect for my 16' X 20' living room . If I owned and not rented my apartment , I'd opt for larger amp .

  9. can I use polk audio t15 bookshelf speakers as my side surrounds and rear surrounds, in combination with these pioneer sp-fs52 towers ? Reason why I choose polk audio t15 over pioneer sp-bs22 is, they key hole to mount easily on to wall. I feel bit clumsy job to put four big and ugly speaker mounts to hang those pioneer bookshelf speakers. Please advise.

  10. This is no longer available as a package in most places. Buying the components individually sums to around 675. Is it still the best purchase at that price point?

  11. Hi,
    Which would you recommend from the below options:
    1. 5.0 system that is similar to the set you reviewed but missing the subwoofer
    2. 5.1 system including 4 AJ bookshelf speakers, 1 AJ center channel and a regular pioneer sub(not AJ)

  12. I have a question I'm hoping you experts can answer. I am about to purchase the Pioneer SP-PK52FS. I have deducted it to 2 receivers I want to use with these speakers, I will be using another sub I already have alongside the one that comes with the Pioneer Speakers, so it will have to be a 5.2 or 7.2 receiver. The 2 receivers are: Yamaha TSR-5810 or the Pioneer VSX-830-K. Thank you, I will order as soon as I get a response. I will be using it alongside a new Samsung 4K 70" tv.

  13. Hey, nice review.
    Can I connect these speakers to my Yamaha RX-V375/HTR-3066?
    If not, I would appreciate if you could tell me the matching receiver to Pioneer's andrew jones speakers.

  14. NewEgg Has the best prices as of 9/6/16
    It cost almost exactly $400 for everything except the subwoofer. I bought a BIC America a few years ago that is phenomenal.

  15. what's good pair of satelite speakers to go with these guys? will BA SoundWare XS Satellite Speaker match well?

  16. I bought this set along with 2 bookshelf atmos speakers and atmos addons for front speakers. Very good build and sound

  17. Lance the reason why I'm asking you about this system and a center Channel I was at Best Buy the other day they told me this center Channel was junk how is the clarity and the bookshelf speakers I have a brand new Pioneer Elite 90 new model receiver

  18. what about SP-PK51FS 5.1 CHANNEL SPEAKER PACKAGE are there any good and how can I make them 7.1

  19. hey Lance the speakers are talking about everybody says how good they are this Pioneer got anything a little newer I like those speakers how big they are in the front The Two Towers and the price let me know thank you by the way how clear are these speakers I mean clear sounding

  20. Was wondering what your opinion is regarding the sound quality w/o the sub for now. I read one review that suggested that the tower speakers did a fine job with base and to some extent covered the same frequency as the sub. Your thoughts are appreciated. — Gene

  21. Thanks for the follow up. I'm excited about putting this together. I set the receiver up with my 60" Plasma TV with 4 speakers in the ceiling. It didn't do much for me and the HDMI feed from the receiver to the TV created a problem that my wife refused to live with (and she was right). So, she offered one of our spare rooms for my theater set up. I'm gonna keep shopping for the best price I can find. Will follow up with a comment once I get to watch Jurassic Park with these speakers!!! Gene

  22. Really enjoyed this thorough review. Just purchased the Pioneer VSX-90 and hope these might be a nice match. I was wondering if you had an opinion on the optimal room size for these. I'm thinking of setting up a theater room that's about 12×14. Would these be over-powering?
    Thanks again, for an excellent review. Gene

  23. Athena's where it's at for me and nothing else Pioneer,Sony, Panasonic and many others won't ever beat Athena's detail.

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