Plasti Dip Your Car – The Complete Guide | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories

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Plasti Dip Your Car – The Complete Guide | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Plasti Dip Your Car - The Complete Guide
Plasti Dip Your Car – The Complete Guide

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How to Plasti Dip Your Whole Car step by step complete guide and tutorial with Fonzie from using the DYC Pro Car Kit.
Video contents listed below:

1. Washing the car (1:06)
2. Masking the car (3:30)
3. Prepping the car (8:55)
4. Materials and Equipment (16:44)
5. Spraying the car (19:20)
6. Breaking the car down (31:23)
7. Aftercare (32:23)

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Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories

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  1. Thanks everyone for watching – and don't forget to call DYC Customer Service if you have any questions while dipping your car! (855)847-5825

  2. Alright, I will say it…. you took a GORGEOUS black car and turned it into….. whatever that is.

  3. I will try to do my mustangs , watching your videos now gathering knowledge, I have been putting off quality paint jobs , due to cost , but I want try this dipping myself. You should be proud , you turn those cars into great looking ,head turner cars , a really cool skillful art .

  4. One thing I appreciate about your vids is your really cater to the amateur with no real experience. #1 problem with car based content I see, most of these shows (especially ones on TV) assume you have a lift, pneumatic tools, $10,000 worth of snap-on wrenches and an engine lift sitting in your 2 car garage at home. You understand that some guy is probably doing this to his car in his own garage that also has the kids bikes, the wife's SUV and those damn christmas decorations scattered around it lol. It's refreshing to see someone base their advice for you on reality and not the best case professional scenario.

  5. so my current vehicle is an ollllld hand-me-down, and one of the previous owners clearly tried to paint or dip the car at some point or other and did a poor job of it. as a result, the surface is rough and uneven plus the surface has chipped over time (no damage to the metal itself as far as i can tell, just chipped paint or dip, i can’t tell which though.) how do i go about remedying that mess so i can start the project to make my car look actually presentable?

  6. A lot of these tips are very similar to using paint for art or painting nails. I thought that was cool seeing art styles that seem so different but a lot of the same ideas! Thinking of dipping my own car soon!

  7. Hello,
    If I Wrapped the roof can i plasti Dip over it or I have to remove wrap?
    I have few scratches, and I want to refresh the look.

  8. I have $3K and want to start doing this as a side gig, BUT I have never done this before. Wish me good luck 😥💪🏼

  9. I bought a 63 mercury that was plastidipped in 50s aqua. It looks good for a while but it started getting nasty and regular water and soap wouldnt remove the stains.

  10. I want to learn how to do this……I've sprayed cabinets and doors with lacquer and sealer mix with a geryco airless sprayer. This looks so cool…..I really want to see and learn this process. Where can I do this? I am from Louisiana.

  11. When I painted my car, and I started to remove the tape, it kept leaking up, how do I fix that

  12. I was really considering plasti dipping my car right up to "it only last 2 years" what a let down

  13. This is great for covering up all the swirls and scratches you put in from washing with the brush

  14. did anyone see this guy like a deadpool, explaining on how to diy car paint? Btw great vid bro. keep it up

  15. for example my base color is metallic grey then i want to use pink gold pearl powder in my isuzu bighorn or trooper 3.1 diesel how much pearl in grams per galon should i mix and many coats should i need of my pearl powder to meet the best result..

  16. Are the taillights on this mustang removed and the hole taped over? Or just tape over the taillights ty

  17. Question for plastidip expert. Is this useful for painting dashboards? Im renovating cars and some of them has cracks on dashboards

  18. If I'm only driving my car 10 times a year and it lives in a garage will the dip last longer then 2 year? Thanks

  19. This is the most stupidest think I've ever heard and seen. I would never spray peelable paint. Oils and debris cant rip the paint 2x more than actual wrap.

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