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Plini – Salt + Charcoal Reaction | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Plini - Salt + Charcoal Reaction
Plini – Salt + Charcoal Reaction

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  1. If you like plini, review some intervals, David Maxim micic, animals as leaders, the helix nebula, polyphia


    Heilung – Krigsgaldr LIVE

    Prepare yourself, I promise this will sound like nothing you have heard before. SIMPLY AMAZING

  3. Whatever happened to VOLA? :( Also if you like this you should definitely check out Jakub Zytecki's stuff, hes amazing.

  4. Nice. More fusion than metal but than again, that makes your channel interesting. Please react to Allegaeon: Biomech.

  5. Go see him live…should be a no-brainer! It's always so much more easier to be blown away when you see someone actually playing their stuff. And with the other bands on the bill…well…I wouldn't hesitate for a second. I just wish they could do a show in Norway too, but seems unlikely at this point, unless more dates have been confirmed that I'm unaware of. I have been away for a few days, so I'm not completely up to date on all events.

  6. Great player technically, but I wouldn't listen this for whole album. The songs I have heard also have a bit same kind of sound, so bigger dose of this would make me bored I think. This is how I feel by what I have heard now.

  7. Check out David Maxim Micic – "Smile" if you like this!
    fantastic artists he tours with Plini all the time
    And yes Paper Moon will absolutely blow you away, the song is a masterpiece

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