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Pocket Knife Opening Types | Knives 101 | Best garden tools for you.

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Pocket Knife Opening Types | Knives 101
Pocket Knife Opening Types | Knives 101

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When it comes to the way you open your knife, the possibilities seem endless. From thumb studs and flipper tabs to nail nicks and push buttons, we’ve got ’em all. Which is your favorite? Shop the knives in this video at the links below!

0:00 Intro
0:20 Buck 112 Ranger Lockback Knife:
0:56 Kershaw Westin Spring Assisted Knife:
1:29 CRKT Pilar Framelock Knife:
2:07 Elite Tactical 1024DSW Folding Knife:
2:47 Stedemon Vouking G-10 Folding Knife:
3:50 CRKT Hissatsu Spring Assisted Knife:
4:39 Mikov 241 Predator Leverlock Knife:
5:34 Kershaw Launch 8 Automatic Knife:
6:06 No Limit Knives Mungos OTF Knife:
7:20 Outro ..

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  1. The fixed blade knife has always been my favorite. It feels more rugged/durable, and I don't need to worry about dirt or water getting inside it. Unfortunately, it is not the most convenient knife for EDC – unless I can figure a way to carry one more comfortably.

  2. I like a knife to open quickly and quietly. Also, i like a clip on the knife so I can put it in my pocket and easily access it.

  3. I’ve seen some knives open using your actual pocket to help assist. Could you demonstrate that

  4. I like the spidie hole the best. I own a Kirshaw Westin. A cheapie I bought a little over a year ago. For a cheap beater, I really like the size and style of it. If it were a high end steel with a titanium frame and a carbon fiber scale it would be a really cool knife. Of course then it wouldn't be an $18 beater. 🙂 Yeah, I agree on that Elite Tactical, it's pretty cool.

  5. I have a knife suggestion;
    Smith & Wesson Stave.
    I have had this knife for a couple months now and it is actually a lot better that a couple unnamed smith and Wesson knives and it has a manual flipper and it runs on bearings and the blade type is sheepsfoot and I just wanted to suggest it

  6. I'm surprised you didn't have an example of the Emerson Wave ? That's actually my favorite way to open my EDC !

  7. I liked because of your ingenuity and humility in that you didn’t try and act like someone you weren’t. When it came to a couple knives you admitted you couldn’t open them in a cool or efficient way and I find that really cool, keep up the good work!

  8. CRKT Hissatsu is definitely the quickest to deploy from your pocket besides Emerson system of course.

  9. I have one of the Kershaw Westin. I loved it and fiddled with it a lot. The problem arose after about 30+ openings. I started feeling a click in the handle where the assist was. I tightened the pivot and loctited it, but it never really went away. Have you run into that problem?

  10. I would love to see a second one of these with some of the opening mechanisms that knife people know about mostly because they're fun but that are less common.

    Axis/compression/etc lock
    Spydie drop
    Wave (Emerson remote pocket opener)
    Friction folder (e.g. Svord Peasant)
    Scale release auto
    Maybe even a quick look at bali-songs, and actual gravity knives and such…

  11. Thanks a ton for putting out all of these simple education videos. I think too many people just expect everyone to get into the knife community from a parent or grandparent who can teach them everything or else just absorb everything through osmosis. I was lucky enough to have a lot of training from people I knew in person, but I couldn't be more happy to see straightforward easy to understand videos with clear presentations of basic knife related topics. Keep up the great work!

  12. Could you put links in the description for each of those that you had on the table? Many thanks in advance!

  13. Thumbstud is my go to folder. I have a benchmade axis lock that i can flick open just like my spiderco. If im carrying a folder then a thumbstud is the only folding knife i carry, if im not carrying a flipper then im carrying one of my favorite fixed blade

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