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PodGo VS the real REVV amps – Part 5/5 | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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PodGo VS the real REVV amps – Part 5/5 | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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PodGo VS the real REVV amps - Part 5/5
PodGo VS the real REVV amps – Part 5/5

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Line6 release the PodGo… now they have official REVV models in their modellers and that means we have to check how close they get to the real thing!

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  1. May I suggest an even better way to compare the two? Put the real amp in the fx loop then assign the fx loop and the amp to the same footswitch – use the amp out to go the DAW with the full signal chain and use the real cab – when switching between the fx loop (real amp) and the modeled amp, the rest of the signal chain is identical…

  2. These were very close. The Pod sounds great. I have a Helix and an original 5150 head. I play both. The 5150 model on my Helix sounds close to my real head. It’s not exact but the difference is minimal. Tube amps do have a bit better feel, more connected, but Helix is terrific. I play my Helix much more than my tube amps. There are lots of working musicians who are using modellers live. The flexibility and quality of the Helix amps and effects is well worth it.

  3. How does the Pod Go feel? I'm thinking of getting into modelers but I am hesitant because the modelers I've tried in the past didnt respond like real amps.

  4. So, on the one hand, you're a dork for saying Pod has to stand on it's own, but you throw a $1300 OX and cab with the Revv. On the other hand, I got a helix to see if it could replace my Synergy rig. Synergy isn't going anywhere. The Helix works nice with it though. :D. As a note: when it comes to recording, I like the Helix. My only issue is, nothing sounds like a tube amp through a 4×12 in the room, other than a tube amp in to a 4×12 in the room. And now I feel old, too many decades of that to overcome.

  5. I copied the Revv Red setting shown in this video into my Helix LT. Added some Delay, Wah and a Vol pedal then used it at band practice yesterday into a Headrush powered speaker. NICE! Sounds awesome and I will be using it live.

  6. I think for the Pod go price…is pretty damn GOOD!!! Don't you think???🙏 Well done LINE 6🤘

  7. I have The Red REV in the POD GO Stock? Where is the REV PURPLE? Is this an additional purchase???

  8. I'm going to get crapped on for saying this but the Helix is better. More clear.

    In all fairness mixing an amp is tough. Right mic, placement, pre's etc etc.

  9. I don't agree at all with your justification for using the stock mic and cab simulators included with the pod go. If you were comparing mics and cabinets then maybe. But you're comparing an amp vs a model of the amp. The fairest comparison would have been to send both pre amps to the same IR so we can actually hear what can be achieved with the pod go.
    Hell, if you're so interested in comparing stock sounds then go ahead and make a Amp+Ir vs Modeler+IR vs Modeler+stockCabSim.

  10. Could have done without the idiotic screaming. Good playing, and demo. Obviously, the amp is better, but they sure got it close. And I doubt anyone would notice without the A/B.

  11. I'd like to meet the guy who's job at Line6 is to design cab emulations. Works overtime before every generation of their modelers, looks at all the reviews: "Luckily there is an IR loader in it already, so can dismiss that vile filthy garbage it came with"

  12. If I were Line6, I'd put out a new Helix. No effects. No CABs. Just 36 amps. Want effects? Put your own stuff before it. Want cabs? Put your own IR-loader pedal after it. You want volume? Lean closer. Enter the Helix Dumb. It's 68 USD. 50 USD without the box.

  13. IF you're an average Joe with a non-music related job, living with neighbors surrounding you, practicing 2-3hrs a day with an occasional band practice a week or two; so like being basically 90% of guitar gear consumers and are still dissatisfied at what you get for 500USD these days, you must be a sad person. Nobody will come to your funeral. Just have a seat in your living room and cry.

  14. I'd love to see this comparison with a custom IR you load into the pod instead of a stock one. I understand your justification for not using one, but I think the vast majority of people getting this product will import IRs into the pod.

  15. Red channel sounded fantastic. The purple altho one of my go to amps in the helix is nowhere near the real thing. Overall I love my helix rack and might get a pod for event's.

  16. This is really impressive. We are/almost at a point where the differences between modelling and real amps are negligible. Most people would not be able to tell a difference!!

  17. People saying ‘The amp sounds better’
    Of course it does.. it’s designed to do that one thing better than anything else. You know what it can’t do?
    Sound a lot like a Mesa or a Fender Deluxe or a JCM800 for under £400.

  18. Ok!, Its not exact the same sound and tone.. But. Who cares, The PodGo Sounds Better to the ears, That's the idea, or not?…

  19. I think if you used the exact same cab sim they would be closer. Most of the difference I hear sounds more the cab/mic difference. Especially on the purple channel

  20. There’s definitely sound difference but in a live context or within a mix, I believe it will be splitting hairs to say one sounds better than the other. Both sounded great to me in the mix.

  21. I’ve used the helix and loved it for the last three years or so, honestly I’ve had the hardest time getting a clean tone I really like. For me the dirty tone always has a bit of a nasal quality, which can make it really sing for leads, but I find that overall it sounds a little bit messy. I was recording a clean part the other day, and got a way better result Then I was capable of pulling out of the helix just by hanging an e609 over my deluxe reverb… that being said, the convenience factor is way above and beyond.

  22. Why cant you say anything? Gettin something out of the deal? Lol J/K. Cant beat the real thing, you can def tell a difference and Revv purple is def way better, the POD still has that digital fizzy staleness to it that's gonna be tuff for line 6 to get out of it.. dont get me wrong tho, most of time on many sounds from clean to some rock tones it sounds great, but cant copy that purple tone..

  23. I don't look at is as replacing, as much as making it more accessible to a wider range of people.. it might not compare side by side, buuuuut it will sound great in a live setting or recording.

  24. Real amp sound is “roomy”, GO is like close-miked. It makes too much difference to my ear to farely compare. Great anyway

  25. Kudos for all these comparisons, done just like they all should be: direct record first and then reamp in the different conditions you want to test and, very important, switching on the fly between them (you could even have omitted the independent full playing of each one).
    In this 5th part it is natural that you ear more differences because unlike the others you have different IRs in the path which where certainly built from different speakers. And between different V30s there are differences (I know because I have tested it at home).
    Besides that, a 4×12 has a variety of tones when you move just one meter from center to side, being at three meters distance. So it depends a lot on how many mikes you've used, where they were placed and how you have mixed them to make its IR.

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