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Polishing Paint For Beginners – Keep It Simple & Have Fun! | top best products brands

Are you searching for the subject Polishing Paint For Beginners – Keep It Simple & Have Fun!? Are you looking to see best car polisher for beginners? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Polishing Paint For Beginners – Keep It Simple & Have Fun! | Review best products for household.

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Polishing Paint For Beginners – Keep It Simple & Have Fun!

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Products Used:
1. Griot’s Garage 10523 5.5″ Orange Foam Polishing Pad (Set of 3) –
2. Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher with 10′ Cord –
3. Griot’s Garage 10524 5.5″ Black Foam Polishing Pads (Set of 3) –
4. Griot’s Garage 10862 Complete Compound 16oz, 16. Fluid_Ounces –


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best car polisher for beginners


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  1. How do you remove wax before polishing please ?
    Wax remover removes only old wax,
    IPA even pure can not
    Claybar can not
    Fairy can not
    White spirit can not
    Break cleaner can not
    Talking about wax which cars end up having over them after regular washes.
    Regular washes are done using shampoo with wax in it
    Some owners wash their cars every day meaning there are many layers of that wax.
    Also sealants such as Fuso Coat are hard to remove even for sanding/ wet sanding so lightly polishing to remove them is a myth as well and then washing towels with sealants and waxes in them is also kind of impossible often.

  2. Thanks for the info. I wondered about what each type of pad does.

    P.S You said multiple times not to listen to "us". So why should I listen to you.

  3. Lol, nothing complicated about it.. at 18 years back in 72 when all these supposedly ceramic sealers, waxes, compounds etc etc etc etc I had my 64 impala's primer shinning as if it were a paint job.. to this day I've yet to buy all the garbage offered to the consumer. I continue to buy my products from a small family business and spend a saturday doing my car by hand.. I'm now 65, I have detailers coming to me asking questions at local car shows. People think it's a 15k paint job which cost me 400 dollars back then and in a garage..

  4. Sir, please give me some advice. My dumb as used a scouring pad to wash my White 2016 Maxima that was very filthy. Will using compound fix the dullness and scratches?

  5. Did you clay bar the paint Boss Man ? Would you need to polish it Boss Man? Great video , love the great information?

  6. Holy moly man, you make me want to go out and polish every car I see. Thank you for the video! I love you too!!

  7. Can I use the same products and pads for a black vehicle that have swirls marks on the trunk lid?

  8. I watched those chemical guys video and they would put some spray conditioner on the pad before polishing, kind of like a lube. Is that really necessary?

  9. Jesus H Christ! We get it! Your the Pro, we are the beginners who get confused by you profeshunuls. Profeshunals on yootoobs. We're just going to confuse your dumbasses, so don't be like us because we can polish a car better than you. We're better than you beginners. We're on Youtube and your not. I'm a professional. YOUR a beginner. That's all I got out of this video, extremely good info in the beginning but about halfway through I couldn't take it anymore! Anyone else get fired up or is it just me?

  10. I'm a beginner! Scott was terrific and and broke things down to steps, explained which pads to use when, how much pressure to exert on the polisher for different pads and importantly when to advance. I learned a great deal and am much more confident! Thanks.

  11. I paint cars and motorcycles on the side cutting and buffing always scares me after all the work I did . Thank you for the video I now have to get this compound.

  12. After you wipe off the compound, can you go and apply the wax or do you need to spray the car with a cleaner to remove any residual compound the cloth didn’t get?

  13. what a great video. 70 yr old vet and to disabled to wax my car by hand. maybe i will buy that buffer and the compound and try it on a junker. thanks a a lot

  14. Just bought the HF random orbital polisher yesterday and meguires 205 & 7 compounds
    And orange and blue foam pads , I have a question 🙋‍♂️ why does some detailers wets the foam pads when compounding and polishing?

  15. I purchased the $70 starter kit on amazon, car wash, interior dressing, wheel cleaner, some microfiber towels, wax applicator, and some wax

    I also purchased the complete compound for 2019 Titan crew and the Fast Paint Correction (BOSS) for my wifes BMW

    Looking forward to putting them to use!

  16. mate great video!! watching from brasil. really want to buy an orbital but really expensive in brasil right now. anyways greetings.

  17. Without a doubt the best video out there for beginners. Simple and easy to follow with excellent results. I just painted my first motorcycle helmet and a little bit of dust got in the clear and very slight orange peel. I lightly wet sanded with 2000 grit then followed the steps in this video and it came out awesome!

  18. Hey Scott,
    I hope you are doing well. Have you tried or know anything about the griot's one step sealant with synthetic wax?
    Would you recommend it?

  19. Thank you Scott!!!! I REALLY appreciate this video. I just got my Grios G9 on the mail today. Really excited to get the compound and pads you suggested. I'm not afraid to to it. Just gotta get those items here in the next couple days and set aside time to polish My own car. Get great results and practice, practice, practice….thanks again!!!👍🏽🔥✌🏽️

  20. Guessing I’m the only one that smacks their pillow to try them out…now my paint is ruined..😅🤣

  21. Hell yeah!!! My LS400 has beautiful paint but it has a lot of little imperfections that a wash doesn’t remove. Especially on the hood. I can’t wait to try

  22. I just mix all waxes together for my red 370z seems to work. All I hear at least twice a week is love your car really nice!

  23. Much thanks for this video! I know it was made a while back so I'm not sure if I'll get a reply but even if not from Dallas Paint then maybe someone else may have an answer to my question. Regarding the comment about the fear of burning through clear coat, how would you know that you have gone too far? Are there telltale signs that you are doing too much? Thanks ahead.

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