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Pool Mastic Replacement | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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Pool Mastic Replacement
Pool Mastic Replacement

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How to replace aging pool mastic and save your pool deck in an afternoon! ..

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  1. curious what did you end up doing after winter? I have this issue right now but not to the same degree as your gap.

  2. I used this stuff on my driveway and around my pool, best stuff on the market. Key is making sure the prep work is perfect. I live in Michigan I've had my driveway plowed many times didn't even scratch the stuff. I think it literally would take Dynamite to get this stuff out. Applied it in 2015

  3. I always use sand to fill in the large gaps or voids. A 50lbs bag goes a long way. Sanding while tacky is a nice finishing touch. Your finished work looks good!

  4. Lol 😂 if you didn’t use cheap shit you can just cut it out with a knife. Leave it to professionals and take down this video before some moron ruins his pool.

  5. Nice job. I have a gap as wide as 2 inches between where the pavers end and where the pool edge starts (ie..curved white edge.) Could I do this process with backer rods and the sealant? Will it hold up to kids jumping in pool ahd overslash for a good amount of time? Right now I'm using gator dust. Thanks

  6. How many tubes did this project take?? Can you link the tool and blade you used? Looks great, thanks!

  7. What type of stones are those for your coping? I have the same ones and looking to replace a couple that have disintgrated. Not sure where I can find replacements.

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