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Power hammer how-to | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Power hammer how-to? Are you looking to see how does a power hammer work? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Power hammer how-to | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Power hammer how-to
Power hammer how-to

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How I built my Davinci cam power hammer.

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how does a power hammer work


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  1. I've heard of keeping a stiff upper lip but what happened to this guy's upper lip?

  2. Watching this again. Still awesome. The easy way to test the spring is to get a "pull scale", hook it up to the spring, & pull till you can't anymore the read the poundage. That's how much it is

  3. We must quickly return to the archaic. Such videos need to be moved more intensively on YouTube. Otherwise, we were delayed in the industrial phase. Hurray for the garage economy !!

  4. Very nicely done bud but you could have done it out of metal for that price from the scrap yard lol still love what you got iv been thinking about building me one like this with multiple size hammers weights

  5. It's cool to see the way people build things like this. I'm looking to build one myself but if I'm going to spend 500 dollars in parts I'd just buy one online. I'm not criticizing you by any means I think you did an awesome job

  6. That's actually called a snail cam as it is shaped like a snails shell, I'm not sure, where you got the name Davinci cam, but I've seen these built before for various functions, one of which another person used it to drive their power hammer.

  7. Gives me high anxiety watching how little those style hammers move steel ,you did it better justice than Roy and his crappy hammers

    I can’t believe plans are sold for that

  8. Are there any detailed plans and specs on this build It looks very nice Thanks for any help

  9. "I have neighbors who life quite close to me, so I build a POWERHAMMER!
    But I used wood so they didn't find out until it's to late."
    Just kidding, nice video.

  10. Great video. I'm starting to get involved with metal working. I'm 56 with arthritis so it's hard to hammer for a long time and I want to build something very similar to this. Who was the guy you mentioned about making the Davinci cam I would like to get the details. Thanks for your video. Hammer Time😁😁

  11. Зовсім не розумію англійської мови, але хочу сказати що конструкція досить незвичайна, оригінального виконання. Так як я сам теж в свій час займався кузнечною справою то твій механічний молот мені дуже цікавий.

  12. Now that you've lived with it a while how is it holding up, and would you fab any of the parts differently if you had to do it again? The other question I have is about the concrete slab. Does it go to the ground or is the slab on the wooden floor, did you have to reinforce it, and did you spec any particular concrete type such as N or M? This video just may inspire me to give this, or something similar a try.
    The only thing I found questionable as far as the fabrication details was the lack of a full metal set of sides for the davinci, Where the axle goes through strikes me as a very stressed area. But if it's holding up, then I'm overthinking things (again :) ) Otherwise, rather than a spring, I'd think that putting the anvil on a steel post (somehow) would take spring out of it, and perhaps increase the strike load?
    Lastly, if it were me I'd always stand off to the side when working. If that anvil head ever comes off …..

  13. Tie a loop with string and attach a spring scale to a rope above it and when the hammer picks up stop and read your scale

  14. The way is put together it's just really neat.
    I like the Nautilus of the cam the neat little reinforcement things that he put around in different places to make it last.
    and I really like the way that the rail section is bolted on with spikes and it's just a neat design.

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