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Power Tool Batteries for Electric Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards? // DIY Build | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Power Tool Batteries for Electric Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards? // DIY Build? Are you looking to see best power tools for diy? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Power Tool Batteries for Electric Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards? // DIY Build | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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Power Tool Batteries for Electric Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards? // DIY Build
Power Tool Batteries for Electric Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards? // DIY Build

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Battery Mounting Plates, 3D Files:

Skateboard Hub Motor and Speed Controller
– These are the exact ones I bought (affiliate link):
Skateboard mounting hardware.
Dual Core Power Wire
XT60 plug
Little plastic plug that was hard to find:
– This is where I got mine from, but use the page to help with finding something local.


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best power tools for diy

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  1. Hello from Auckland. Thanks for the mounting plate, I am going to add batteries to my Mi scooter.

  2. Great video, I just bought this: Amazon.com : L-faster 250W Electric Conversion Kit for Common Bike Left Chain Drive Customized for Electric Geared Bicycle Derailleur(Twist Kit) : Sports & Outdoors, the controller is 24v on this. I have a bunch of 20V 6AH craftsman batteries, do you think they would work in parallel or should I do a combo or parallel/series?

  3. Awesome!!! Still gathering parts for the laser build but definitely gonna be doing this project as well. The affiliate link is not working unfortunately.

  4. A pity there aren't any holders for greenworks, as they are one of the few 48V battery suppliers out there or the 60V version of the Dewalt flexvolt! Gonna have to make them myself I suppose ;)
    I am curious: To use regenerative braking on these, do you need a separate BMS?

  5. The reason I don't buy an electric skateboard is that the range is pretty low. Imagine if you go at 20km/h you can only ride for one hour long if the standard range is 20 kilometers. I wish there was a long range skateboard (like 3 or 4 hours of ride before the battery is down) at low cost budget. Can we imagine an electric skateboard where two batteries are installed and the ride is recharging the second one and conversely?

  6. love your video! such detail in testing and info! please do something similar with electric scooters. i got a hiboy s2 pro and would love to even be able to charge it on the go with 2 makita batteries lol

  7. Thank you for making your digital files available for the community to use – much appreciated!

  8. Interesting! If you use an old style bicycle and put 2 (or more) batteries on each side, you can create a chopper style electric motorcycle. ^ _ ^

  9. I've been wondering about this one myself. Nice work keep making content. With your video skills interesting content and engaging personality you could be an excellent YT maker/ creator.

  10. Very nice work, and appreciate you sharing those files for free. I had a similar question/objective, but I don't have a 3D printer so I need to figure something else out. I have noticed that the power equipment battery packs from hardware stores seem a bit cheaper than the battery packs specific for e-bikes etc, which is why I was interested in going that route. I may just try to build one from scratch, which I think might be even a bit cheaper still (?).

    I'm designing a sort of hybrid between a scooter and mountain skateboard, but with 3 wheels. Option to stand or sit. The electric wheel will be an 8 or 10" fat wheel in hub motor on the back, and then it will have a mountain board truck/all terrain wheels on the front. Minus the wheels/motor, everything else will be from scratch.

    I'm going to use a composites approach to build the structure. The main part of the structure will use Paulownia wood as the core, and then S-glass fiberglass will be epoxied on with a high quality, high strength epoxy (preferably with bio content) at least 7k psi rating. But I just might use some thinnish birch plywood as the core to save money, though it will be a bit heavier.

    It will have an impact resistant acrylic, somewhat bubble molded front windshield to increase range and speed, especially for sitting. I'm going to make a super lightweight trailer for it to hold some solar panels. The trailer will be made out of primarily EPS foam + fiberglass + Titebond III to keep the weight really low. It will need some wood attached to screw into the large, high quality caster wheels. It will be attached to the E vehicle via reinforced bamboo poles with UHMWPE cord running through (stuff is ridiculously strong for its weight).

    If I ever do make it (need to save up money), it sure will look pretty funky. But I'm going for utmost efficiency between weight and aerodynamics as I can get, and as simple as a design/build I can get. The tricky part (besides expense of all the stuff), will be how to attach the back E wheel/motor to the "board" part. Haven't figured that part out yet. Was thinking of using 4 high strength Al alloy tubes, flattening the ends, drilling or cutting a notch in same, and then brazing the tubes to an Al alloy plate that will be drilled and glued to the board. So two V V structures going to a flat plate on top. It just needs to handle the strength of the motor and a little over half my weight, so hopefully that will be strong enough?

  11. I have the same setup here in Canada, a 1000 watt 48 volts front wheel motor, I used 6 4Ah Ryobi batteries putting them 3 in series and then parallel them. I got over 20 km range on full charge, and whopping 45 km/h max speed. because I used a 60 volt battery on a 48 volt controller, the speed was much higher. Like you said, riding an ebike feels awesome like a silent motorbike!

  12. just make one :P i built my own Electric Skateboard (deck + battery) the full cost was maybe 1200 … the battery is 37v 10a , get about 60mins ride time and 20kms…im 110kgs but :P
    my battery cost me under 300$ AUD to make :D Will add a video on my page soon of my Skateboard :D

  13. So are you saying the battery’s are making 40ish plus volts because I trued this with my Milwaukee battery’s and my esc popped and now it doesn’t work 😂

  14. Dude that is so sweet! Do you think this will work on a starter for a motorbike?
    Really impressed! Cheers Tim

  15. just a BMS battery management system and you dont have to worry about having a large voltage difference.

  16. How in the heck does this not have 50 million views? Amazing job… wow… such dedication and awesomeness for 12k views LOL I've got a lot of work to do!

  17. The comments are very good. I had my experience with the Aston Rider kit, it came out less than 300usd with lifepo battery and it has been running without problems since I had it more than a year ago

  18. Great job & awesome video. I wish all e-bikes start using CAS batteries or CAS start manufacturing e-skateboards, e-scooters, and e-bikes. I will share this video on my Facebook. The instruction is very simple & understandable for many people.

  19. Your Parts list goes to an error page….. Could you repost or re-list the parts? Thanks!

  20. Hi , great video ! Quick question. What kind of motor do you use and I’m thinking of using two dewalt 20 Valt batteries , I’m searching for the motor that will work . Thanks for great idea because I have a lot of dewalt batteries here and love long boards !

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