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Precision Rifle – 2019 Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge [Part 1] | NRL | Latest information about hand tools

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Precision Rifle – 2019 Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge [Part 1] | NRL | Best hand tools for you.

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Precision Rifle - 2019 Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge [Part 1] | NRL
Precision Rifle – 2019 Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge [Part 1] | NRL

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As part of NRL’s 2019 Season of precision rifle matches, the Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge presented by Defiance Machine and Season Title Nikon took place Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2019. Match Director Doug Glorfield hosted this precision rifle match at Rock Lake Range in St. John, Washington.

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Rock Lake NRL Steel Challenge Intro – 00:15
Cole-TAC Ad – 01:04
STAGE 20-1: Shoot Tower – 01:25
Crystal Strachan – 02:02
Ben Bulkley – 04:52
H-S Precision Ad – 07:05
STAGE 19-1: A-Frame Tire -07:35
Paul Higley – 08:00
Phillip Velayo – 10:32
HOWA Ad – 13:07
STAGE 18-1: Elk Hunt – 13:26
Brian Pence – 13:56
Adam Cloaninger – 16:41
NRL22 Ad – 19:14
Closing – 20:08
Match Sponsors – 20:57


RLRR was first started on our family farm that has been in the family for 4 generations. The Ranch consists of 2200 acres of dry land farming and scab land. Over the years friends came out to shoot long range. Out in the Palouse it is pretty easy to find a 1000 yards up to a mile to bang some steel. Several years ago when some friends were out shooting they suggested we host a match. After months of preparation we put on our first match. It was a huge success, this was also when more and more people were wanting a place to practice their long range shooting skills. As time went by we listened to shooters needs and after persistence of the all the shooters that attended the matches over the years and asking if RLRR would ever go public with a range? Well WE HAVE!

​RLRR Shooting facility started from scratch, RLRR had a dream to build the ultimate shooters experience weather it be for hunting or precision rifle. The facility was built to provide all calibers of shooters an unmatched experience for all of your shooting needs. RLRR is only in the infant stage of being the premier shooting destination in the Northwest.

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For over 100 years, the guiding principle behind every Nikon product has been to engineer it from the inside out and create an optical system specific to the function of the product and to the needs of the user. As one of the few makers of optical glass in the world, Nikon has the advantage of being able to specify and select the exact type of glass, lens geometry and multicoatings needed to optimize the optical performance of any given optic. The result is what we call our “Optics First Design Principle,” and it applies to every binocular, riflescope, fieldscope and laser rangefinder that bears the Nikon brand.

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NRL is the premier precision rifle advocacy & support organization. We are a non-profit engine of impacts that empowers organizations and athletes in precision rifle by providing education and opportunities for growth.

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  1. The hysterical flight preoperatively guess because whorl contextually snatch lest a auspicious wren. fragile, dirty credit

  2. make the shooting positions easier and the targets smaller…your pushing old folks out like me just kidding I ain't gonna shoot anyway…I have the rifles just no jizz left

  3. Great video, damn shame I live in the UK and never gonna get the chance to have a go at this. 👍🏻

  4. Commentator couldn’t blow his nose or clear his throat before he started talking…? FFS…

  5. Nikon as a sponsor? Nikon was my scope of choice but seeing how they are getting out of this market I will go with vortex. Interesting competition what are the ranges on these targets and who came up with the positions that you have to get into my body is past some of these. Unless I can have help getting back up. Looks like fun which is the importance of shooting.

  6. why no eye protection anywhere ? Seems to be a common theme in NRL. Love shooting at Dougs place but never seen so many shooters without protection.

  7. Why are you making it look like impact is instantaneous? Impact should be about 2 seconds after launch.

  8. "standing here looking like a dingus cause I got 5 out of 10." LOL.
    We all have bad stages.
    Awesome video as always.

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