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Precision Rifle Pistol Grip | Long-Range Rifle Shooting with Ryan Cleckner | Newly updated garden tools

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Precision Rifle Pistol Grip | Long-Range Rifle Shooting with Ryan Cleckner | List of best hand tools for you.

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Precision Rifle Pistol Grip | Long-Range Rifle Shooting with Ryan Cleckner
Precision Rifle Pistol Grip | Long-Range Rifle Shooting with Ryan Cleckner

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Former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner demonstrates a modified grip on an AR-10 modern sporting rifle pistol grip that can increase accuracy for long-range precision shooting. #AR10 #ModernSportingRifle #LetsGoShooting #MSR #NSSF #LongRange

Ryan Cleckner is a best-selling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook: A Beginners Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting [ and is currently a practicing firearms attorney [ Subscribe to Ryan’s channel:

Filmed at Texas Triggers [ courtesy of Colby Donaldson.
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  1. I see some sniper rifles feature a verticle grip (not a foregrip, just grip but no pitch angle compared to pistol grip) will that be better?

  2. I dont move my thumb, ive simply never applied pressure with my thumb. Basically just letting it rest naturally while all the pressure is on my ring finger only.
    Everything else is just there.
    Will this impart any unwanted issues?

  3. Thanks Ryan, I learned something new watching your video. I look forward to trying it out on my next range visit. Good video!

  4. Ryan, you are a beautiful teacher, can i ask you only one thing? Please, speak more slowly…. Forgive me, i'm from Italy… Thanks and carry on your fantastic work!!
    Best regards!!

  5. Let me tell you why I'm here lol
    I have several Air Rifles, some with traditional stock grips & some with Pistol grip,… I have MUCH better accuracy with the standard grip of a much cheaper rifle than I do the pistol grip so I came to YT for info to see if it's me or the rifle ;)
    I'm about to buy another but am trying to choose between 2 of same brand, earlier model is traditional & new model is pistol grip (plus magazine instead of single shot) but new model is 30% more money & the grip is more important to me than the multi shot mag.

  6. Hey, Travis here. I’m a big fan of this Long Range Shooting playlist on the channel! It’s really inspiring me to finally getting into some precision shooting. Like Ryan, I don’t like the idea of running into the issue of inconsistent terrain reactions that a bipod may have while resting on different surfaces. Is there anyway you guys could shoot a video on how Ryan packs and sets up his front shooting pack for resting and shooting off of while also being a practical supply bag? Thanks for any time or response in advance!

  7. So whether the rifle has a pistol grip or not, rearward pressure of the butt in to the shoulder is a must correct?

  8. Hi Ryan …we would like to see a video for bullpup sniper rifles… are they practical? Easy to shoot….??? Just make a video and tell us your opinion….Pleeeeeaaaase!

  9. Does it makes sense for all rifles for a long range shooting/sniping or only for heavy ones? Let's say I want to hit a coin from 50m with AR-15.

  10. Tell that to the NY gun law makers. They made me have a more accurate rifle because they are scared of pistol grips.

  11. I remember watching a video on Marine snipers, and when they shoot an M40, they don't even hold onto the grip at all. They hold onto the bolt knob and have a nearly straight finger across the trigger.

  12. I see no point in this technique with a semi-auto precision rifle. The pistol grip is there for fast follow up shots in a target rich environment. If you go back to the basic fundamentals, when you're in the prone position, you shouldn't even be forcing the the reticle to the target in the first place. You need to adjust your body for proper support of the rifle. The only reticle movement you should see is the up and down when you are breathing. Frank from Sniper's Hide has video of proper grip and trigger control, also reasons why doesn't recommend the grip illustrated here. But if it works for you, continue to use it.

  13. That’s exactly how I have my hand on my Scar 17 with a 20” 6.5 Creedmore 5R barrel. I use the Talon safety as a thumb rest. The Scar has ambi safeties and I placed the longer lever on the right side. The Talon has a wider foot print and the 45 degree throw is the perfect angle to rest my thumb on. Im also using the Hogue deluxe ergo grip with the bottom shelf which sandwiches my hand to lock my grip in. For my bolt gun I’m using the MPA competition chassis which comes with their vertical grip that has an integrated thumb shelf on the right side that transitions into the chassis. Btw my cousin is also an Army Ranger Sniper vet from Desert Storm and is known in the elite circle in the SF community.

  14. Why would ever exert pressure with your firing hand in the prone or supported position to being with?

  15. I agree. I’ve switched to a trigger finger thumb rest when bench shooting allowing the rifle to recoil naturally. My groups have tightened across the board with every caliber. Good stuff!

  16. Appreciate all your videos.
    I’ve learned so much.
    Thanks for your time and efforts educating us.

  17. Lol, I actually shoot wors doing that because I've been shooting CMP HIGHPOWER matches since the 90's and have trained myself not to pull the grip while pulling the trigger because CMP matches don't allow any artificial support in all three field positions other than the sling.

  18. Thank you for these short and consise information packed videos. I appreciate the quality of the information as well as you respecting the viewer's time. No filler is a good thing. Someone who knows what they're doing can usually communicate very efficiently.

  19. Excellent! I had identified this as a problem and considered solutions for a while now. I never would have thought about such a simple work around. Thanks!!

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