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Preparing Subfloor for Tile | The Home Depot | Top best products

Are you searching for the subject Preparing Subfloor for Tile | The Home Depot? Are you looking to see tiling a bathroom floor over plywood? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Preparing Subfloor for Tile | The Home Depot | top best products brands for household.

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Preparing Subfloor for Tile | The Home Depot
Preparing Subfloor for Tile | The Home Depot

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Preparing subfloor for tile is an important step to ensure your flooring holds up over time.

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Learn how to prepare a wood or concrete subfloor for tile. Our experts will show you how to check for dips, install backing board, apply primer and thinset, as well as how to pour liquid underlayment and when to use OSB or exterior-grade plywood.

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Preparing Subfloor for Tile
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  1. The backer board is so heavy, with 60 nails per board, why do I need thin set underneath? Won't that just make for difficult cleanup if I decide to change the flooring 20 years from now?

  2. I have to buy all those products? This video is for rich people with a lot of time on their hands lol

  3. So this is good, but you don’t say “why” the steps are important. You are a business so this is already going to look like you are trying to sell your products so giving very good reasons why you should use this would increase the validity of your message. Otherwise, having already been through this process, I see a lot of unnecessary steps that cost a lot of money. It makes me doubt your credibility…Just my two cents.

  4. I want to my kitchen with either luxury vinyl tile or porcelain, there is plywood underneath the linoleum sheet. can I lay there backer board onto this plywood?

  5. In 30 years I have never taped the joints in the board and I have never had a failure. I also use roofing nails in a gun to secure the board.

  6. My floor base is concrete. How am I suppose to screw those tiny screws into my concrete without damaging the foundation???

  7. The Flooring company used pry bars to remove the thinset, 1/2 inch backerboard, and 3/8 Natural Stone Versitile since a water leak had got wet under the tile. They poked holes in the base wood floor smaller then a fist and are saying the wood plywood does not need replaced and want to just put thinset, 1/2 inch backerboard, and tile over the holes in the floor. Average holes are the size of poking a 3-4 foot crowbar thru the floor 2 inch around and bigger. Backboard is not solid base so I think the subfloor should be replaced. Any comments please?

  8. I bet your back felt great the next day after you bent down at an acute angle to screw that entire floor down.

  9. I know they cut to the next scene at 5:30 because you couldn’t break that board in half. You have to make sure you cut through it all the way mr. handy man in your clean slacks.

  10. Thanks! Good to pause and do a bit of research before pressing on, especially if it has been some time in between projects. Very well done.

  11. if you're too cheap on backerboards and find laying it is time consuming. Stick to a layer of plywood, sufficiently stapled deep to the floor.

  12. It's been a while since this video came out. Hope someone still can answer me a question.
    I have a new rental where I want to upgrade the flooring to tile. It's a sub-floor house. Subfloor is laying on concrete blocks.
    Now, cement boards and tile will add an extra weight, so should I reinforce the subfloor with more concrete blocks under the house? (The floor beams are in a good condition). Appreciate any input.

  13. What do you do if your subfloor doesn't look like plywood sheet? Mine is made of 45 degree aligned wooden planks.

  14. im not impressed with wonderboard looks cheaply made particles falling out on the sides. no thanks ide use another brand any day

  15. One thing I found was not very clear in the video is whether the latex primer sealer needs to be applied only for the self-leveling compound. Does it need to be applied to the plywood before applying the thin set also, or just for the leveling compound?

  16. the true test will be and how it turns out after I'm done really my first time laying hardibacker by myself

  17. What if my wood subfloor isn't plywood but instead, strips of wood? (old house from the 60s) Also, do people use metal screen and mortar anymore? Or is that old fashioned?

  18. Be really careful not to put to much water in that leveling compound, you'll have a soupy mess that's difficult to clean and remove. Use screeds, two persons is better.

  19. I'm mildly confused. The self leveling underlayment shown in the video, when I found it in the store and online it says for concrete floors. All other directions say be sure to use one for wood floors. So is it ok to use this one on wood subfloors?

  20. My sub floor is old so has 1 by 10 pine running diagonally over the joists. The 1 by 10 pine sub floor has gaps between 0 and .25 inches. Do I still need to add plywood on top of the sub-floor and then add the backer board or should I replace the sub-floor material with t-n-g 3/4 plywood followed by the backer board or can I simply add the backer board directly to the 1 by 10 pine boards. Thanks for the advice!

  21. Why are the cabinets in place with the backerboard being placed up to the cabinets? This would put a dishwasher BELOW the tile effectively locking the dishwasher into place. All kitchen redos I have seen say to remove base cabinets and place flooring UNDER cabinets.

  22. Do this if you own the home. If you're selling the place, stick to that wood floor with premix mastic like everyone else does. I screwed tempered hardboard, rough site up, to my kitchen floor and stuck to that, was still tight 10 years later in the midwest, where temp fluctuates a lot.

  23. Should note that you should also wear a mask when pouring the mortar into the bucket… that dust is toxic!

  24. While technically correct this procedure is time and material consuming it is not gospel and some steps can be eliminated, use your own judgement and research more this procedure. Plywood is acceptable if laid proper any slight dips can be corrected with tile cement .

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