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Primitive Survival Bow Build for Bowfishing | Barbwire Wrapped Arrow, Wire Hooks, Gorge Hooks | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Primitive Survival Bow Build for Bowfishing | Barbwire Wrapped Arrow, Wire Hooks, Gorge Hooks? Are you looking to see survival bow? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Primitive Survival Bow Build for Bowfishing | Barbwire Wrapped Arrow, Wire Hooks, Gorge Hooks | List of best garden tools for you.

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Primitive Survival Bow Build for Bowfishing | Barbwire Wrapped Arrow, Wire Hooks, Gorge Hooks
Primitive Survival Bow Build for Bowfishing | Barbwire Wrapped Arrow, Wire Hooks, Gorge Hooks

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We build a survival bow and arrows from an alder tree and para cord and use it to bow fish rainbow trout from a stream. The arrow is built from a tree branch and wrapped in snare wire and barb wire from an old rusty fence. The hooks are also built from barb wire fence wire, to complete a full survival fishing tackle box. The full Survival Fishing Playlist:

Find out of the Trout Pond is open:

This is part of a full series on survival fishing where we use repurposed materials from wherever we can find them in order to try to catch fish.

My Gear (Shop and Support):

Mystery Tackle Box: [Use Code “BEARDSMAN” for your discount!]

We raid the junk pile in the forest for discarded, but useful materials including metals like bar wire, fence wire, discarded metal tools and whatever else we can use to spear, or catch fish in this epic survival fishing challenge.

In a survival situation, it might surprise you to still be able to find many hand tools and discarded modern artifacts that are useful in building spears and fishing hooks. The key to survival is to use whatever you find available. Junk is often left over and lasts for years before it is reduced back to it’s natural form. Metals can be worked and sharpened to make useful survival tools from fish hooks, to fish spears.


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– Fish Spear:


– Woodobo Spice:

– Trail Cameras (Browning):
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– Slingshots, slingbows (Simpleshot):
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– Inergy Apex Solar Power (Discount Code: BEARDSMAN):
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  5. Are you sugar cane stock for the arrows turkey feathers for the Fletching and they would use Flint for the arrowhead

  6. There are several things you could do that would help. On a bow as light as the ones you made for fishing use your thumb and a bent index ginger to hold the end of the arrow instead of your typical 3 finger hold. If the end of the arrow is flat or has a shallow nock, when you draw the bow back the arrow has to remain centered until you release it. Use the piece of wire like a drill bit, turning it back and forth in a circular motion with your wrist as the drill, until you wear a hole though the arrow about 1 1/2 inches from the tip. Once through bend the wire ends back towards the rear of the arrow as flat as you can get it. the gap should be about 1/4 inch once it springs back. That's enough to hold it in the fish. Take your string and fold back about 6 inches so the string is doubled up. Tie a simple overhand knot with the loop about 2 inches long, when the knot is tightened it will be extremely strong. Bend the bow and at the other end see how long you need your string to be, mark it with your finger. Add about 1 inch and double it over and tie another overhand knot, the knot will use most of the 1 inch you added. Cut off the excess string and you have your bow string.

  7. If you guys ever do a video with the normal style hooks you do a bunch of half hitches with a waxed thread or line to attach the hooks to the line. And those hooks tend to work better with a pole rather than a hand line.

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  13. Bow fishing is for bigger fish at night or close ones in your video good stuff

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  16. Y’all are trying the hardest methods for longer videos but an editor will do great things for you guys!

  17. From and archery "expert" that had been doing archery and making my own bows and arrows for over 15 years, both of there bows made me cringe and the strings needed to be longer. Its just disappointing

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