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Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full | Newly updated garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full? Are you looking to see survival water filter? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full | Best hand tools for you.

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Primitive technology: searching for groundwater and water filter (water well and tank) full

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Hi. This is our aggregate video. In this video we synthesize video searching for groundwater wells and building clean water tanks. We aggregate videos with the same content so people can view them in the simplest way. This video is the process of finding groundwater in the forest to build a clean water filter system in the forest. It’s likely that some viewers find it annoying to review these videos. sorry for that inconvenience. Thank you. ..

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  1. good thing they knew exactly where to dig for the water….you need special techno to find it and sometimes the water is 60 meters. yep 60 meters, and you need special machines to dig the well, this was super easy and really untop of the land….great amazing job

  2. Where are the subtitles and translations into other languages? ADVERTISING🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  3. These guys make me want to go off the grid and live. They also make me embarrassed that I don't know how to do this stuff.

  4. 40 years ago in most provinces in the Philippines, every household must have one. We call it balon.
    At d the bottom of the well we layer the charcoal, pebbles, charcoal then sand. Every morning for the whole week we must take out all the water. After a week the water from the well is finally potable water.

  5. Very well done! I wish the poor peoples of Africa can be taught this so no one has to walk for miles from their remote home village to collect dirty water in rivers and holes… this is a fab example of making water so clean!! ^^

  6. What kind of person puts a thumbs down? On the Awesomeness
    O Yeah (bendidos)…. and (TROLLS)….

  7. If anyone is interested, clay, at least bentonite clay is supposed to be good for you.. It's said to act like a sponge absorbing toxins from your body. There were some people called clay eaters.
    I know some, uhh, nasty. You should see how your food is processed when there aren't cameras😂.

  8. In part 2, they add UV sterilization and reverse osmosis as a 4th and 5th stage stage to the filtration system and they construct a primitive bottling plant and vending machines.

  9. 1. Колодец копали лопатой, на стенках видны следы от другого инструмента.
    2. Эти парни так слаженно работают вдвоем, что у меня не возникает сомнений в том, как они обходятся в джунглях без женщин.
    3. Зачем столько возни с выжиганием, если эти парни боги глины? Сделать глиняное ведро и после обжечь его

  10. Wow I can’t believe I found one that’s actually real and not clickbait, that’s a sub for me

  11. Sand and gravel make the water clear, not the dirt. Why did you have to put the dirt down there ? This is the most shallow well I have ever seen.

  12. I liked the way they edited the video where they compared the filtered water to the unfiltered. 😂 It killed the purpose of this vid.

  13. I would like to know how they find the water: as in they dug the hole and knew it was there. What are the typical signs so that you aren't just digging random holes?

  14. Wow! I found this mesmerizing! Fantastic! So simple and so practical. An excellent posting.

  15. The difference between them and us is that we have an endless amount of rules, regulations, and laws that prevent us from doing anything here in the great United States of america. You better have plenty of money for all those fees and permits as well as an insurance to protect you from your environment and the just in case fee. We can all learn how to do all these things except that our government gets in the way. Dont forget you need a college degree for everything now a days.

  16. Other Viewers, like this comment if you feel the same way I do.
    Guys, you are LITERAL gods. Making fire with 2 sticks and a leaf? Finding water in the ground? Making clay out of the dirt you used? Making fireplace out of the clay you made? Making brick and mortar with that clay? Hollowing out wood with the fire you made with 2 sticks and a leaf and coating the outter walls with clay so it doesnt burn the outters, all to use as a bucket? Probably even made the bowls you used out of the clay and fire you made with 2 sticks and a leaf? Building a pully system out of branches? Making a perfectly straight walled well, even coated with hot TREE WAX to seal it? Literally FILTERING the impurities from the water with stone, sand, and finally (blew my mind) Charcoal? and 45 mins later you have a LIFETIME of pure filtrated water.
    AND the entire video which probably took the entire day, you didnt speak a single world to each other. Which to me, this indicates that you two have done this many, many times to a point where you didnt even need to communicate with each other. Not even a nod of the head, point of a finger, Nothing. My back hurts every single day just literally standing up doing nothing after 30 minutes. Your Spinalis and Longissimus muscles around your spine are absolutely bulging. Straight up endurance.
    This entire video I watched from beginning to end. It amazed me so much that you two did all of this. Makes me look at my life and the peoples lives around me, here in the United States, and theres so much we take for granted. People cry when they simply lose internet connection and think its the end of their lives here, and after watching this, it makes me sick to my stomach that so many people dont realize what we all have easy. And all of my comment here is the reason why you two are absolute gods.
    Finally….I hope you have your channel monetized, because the amount of views you have on this video, 13 million, is INSANE amount of views, and this video alone could literally buy you a mansion, and a fast sports car. But knowing you guys, and the hard workers you are would use it on more necessity items.
    This is the first video I have seen from you two, and amazed me so much that I subscribed, liked, and going to watch all the videos youve made. Im interested in primitive ways to survive. Amazing work guys!!!!

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