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Pro Bike Mechanic – New Tool Roll | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Pro Bike Mechanic – New Tool Roll? Are you looking to see best mechanic tool bag? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Pro Bike Mechanic – New Tool Roll | Latest information about hand tools.

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Pro Bike Mechanic - New Tool Roll
Pro Bike Mechanic – New Tool Roll

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I recently got myself a custom tool roll made by 7TwoVelo so I thought I’d make a video showing the roll and what tools I like to travel with in it..

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  1. Boa noite amigo como que eu faço pra comprar essa chave de bicicleta verde e prata preciso dê uma dessa

  2. Love that tool roll 👍 If you want to add some padding to that shoulder strap, I can recommend trying a padded shoulder strap from Timbuk2, I have one on a 10L Timberland shoulder bag, which makes it comfortable to carry 2x 500ml bottles in addition to an iPad and sandwich box.

  3. Really nice, I simply use a Leyne bag with 3 cheap tool rolls inside, wish I could get your custom version.

  4. I just use large nail clippers for zip ties, carrying such large cutters started getting annoying when the nail clippers worked just as well but weighed nothing. Cool set up!!

  5. hey, can u give us the link to buy the tool roll. Love how compact and neat it looks! Thx for the video!

  6. Love Knipex tools too but a basic pair of toenail cutters is by far the best zip tie tag cutter—the slight curve of the blade always ensures that there aren’t any sharp edges. Plus, they’re way way less $$

  7. Damn this is some quality, a lot of thought and attention has gone into this set up, awesome work!

  8. Super nice roll, love all the Abbey & EVT tools, so envious. Are you wrenching just for youreself and friends (like all ex-mechanics) or for a team?

    I was a shop mechanic for 20 years back in the day. I would go for Felco housing cutters over Park. I've had mine for decades. That's my small hill to die on, any tool but Park, although they seem to have gotten better quality lately. I would still choose an EVT EZ-Lift stand over a Park Power Lift if I was ever going to get one (better go buy a lottery ticket). The owner of the first shop I worked at was a tool snob, and it rubbed off on me. We had four work stations, all the basic tools were Snap-On, all the specialty bike tools were European or Japanese.

    Abbey Team Issue Titanium Hammer? What about a spoke tension meter or nipple driver? Brake bleed kit? Pedal socket? BB socket? Small parts: brake pads, spare bolts (cleats, disc), shifter cable, housing, hydraulic housing, small magnetic parts tray, rubber mastic tape? Giustaforza II Professional Ratchet Torque Wrench probably lighter than Wera.

  9. Enjoyed seeing your tool selection. The roll was interesting vs so many Pelican/Kaizen creations.

  10. That's a really cool tool roll,nice selection of tools,and also nice to see someone who realises that Park tool aren't the only option for bike tools,there are better tool makers out there

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